Adrian Portelli's surprising plan with The Block 2023 houses after giveaway fail

The entrepreneur is yet to give away any of the three houses he purchased on The Block last year.

Adrian Portelli has had to commence ‘Plan B’ to try and give away the three multi-million dollar homes he purchased on the recent season of The Block after he failed to award Steph and Gian’s house during last week’s raffle.

The entrepreneurial businessman and founder of auto-enthusiast club LMCT+ had all of Australia talking after he snapped up three properties in the reality show’s nail-biting finale for a combined total of $12.4 million.

The Block's Steph and Gian with Adrian Portelli.
Adrian Portelli failed to give away Steph and Gian’s Block house during last week’s raffle. Photo: Channel Nine

Just a couple of months after season nineteen wrapped, however, there are doubts over whether Adrian will continue to spend money on the show after House 4 failed to excite raffle winners in his recent giveaway.

While more than 45,000 entrants tuned in to watch Adrian announce a winner on Facebook Live on Christmas Eve, the lucky recipient ended up choosing to take the cash prize of $2.5 million tax-free over the $5 million house.

“It was not what anyone involved saw happening, with the Japandi-style property being heralded as a dream home for any Australian,” a source tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “They couldn’t have had more attention with their promotion of the sale across their social media platforms.”


House 4 is now set to be re-raffled, which is not only a disappointment for Steph and Gian but also for the other houses that are still to be given away.

The raffles for Eliza and Liberty’s House 5 and Kyle and Leslie’s House 1 are now believed to be months away, with LMCT+ giving their followers the power to decide which property is given away first.

The Block’s Kyle and Leslie.
Kyle and Leslie’s House 1 giveaway has now been pushed back because Steph and Gian’s property will be re-raffled. Photo: Channel Nine

The sudden delay has allegedly put a strain on the relationship between Adrian and House 1, with Kyle and Leslie reportedly telling friends they feel like they have been “forgotten” in the months following the show.

“Kyle and Leslie are annoyed that Adrian is ignoring that he bought their house and they have every right to be,” an insider tells us. “They feel like Adrian has kind of run away with his friendship with Steph and Gian.”

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Kyle and Leslie admit they’re looking forward to working with Adrian to give away their house.

“We would like to do something to market our house and get it out there publicly for his business and for us, and it'd be great to see someone walk away with it,” Kyle says.

While it’s unknown how they will promote House 1 together, Leslie jokes she would have “a lot of explaining to do” to their children if they did a naked photoshoot like Steph and Gian.

“We’ll probably do one with more clothes,” Kyle adds with a laugh.

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