The Block's Leah and Ash reveal exactly how much of the show is heavily produced

The Block couple also revealed where they stand with Kristy and Brett now.

The Block Leah and Ash have spoken out about how much of the show is heavily produced, saying that the creators of the show this year didn’t really need to do much at all as the drama unfolded around them.

Speaking on Melbourne’s 101.9 The Fox breakfast show Fifi, Fev & Nick, Leah revealed: “The producers truly are just there to follow us around.”

Her husband Ash added: “I think this year they didn’t need to produce much. We just did it.”

The Block's Leah and Ash
Leah and Ash have spoken out about how much of the show is produced. Photo: Channel 9
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Leah, who has controversially clashed with House 3’s Kristy this year, said: “Imagine living with extended family for 12 weeks all on top of each other. I mean seriously. It’s a wonder that pots and plates weren’t thrown.”

The couple went on to say that there are moments on The Block that they don’t like watching back but reiterated their sentiments from other interviews where they said there is so much more to what is shown on TV.


“They’re showing such a condensed version of someone and there is so much more to every one of us,” Leah said.

“But I think they (Kristy and Brett) were really big on the game plan to stir things up. We were not privy to that at all until now we’re watching back on the couch and seeing all these pieces to camera and we’re like OMG.”

Ash added: “Leah and I, we’re very grown-up, we’ve got three kids at home, we know lots of things in life but look it was a show and it was a different environment to real life. From our end, we speak to everyone and we say hello and we’re amicable and whatnot.”

Kristy and Brett on The Block
The couple have clashed with House 3's Kristy and Brett this year. Photo: Channel 9

Leah said the couple "had to put their swords down" with Kristy and Brett because they weren’t speaking at events post-show.

“We felt like we couldn’t get involved so we sort of said to them we have to settle this. We’re not going to ever come to an agreement on what happened. I’m not going to see your side, you're not going to see my side. We just have to push through,” she said.

Last week in a video for 9Entertainment, Leah from House 2 said she's a little bit embarrassed about some of her behaviour on the show.

“There are moments that I’m definitely not proud of," she said.

“I think I was just in a whirlwind at the beginning, trying to find my feet in here and like my emotions spiralling out of control.”

She went on to say that she’s 'a little embarrassed or disappointed' in herself that she was so 'naïve' and said having been a mum since she was just 21 ‘it was hard’ to be taken away from their reality back home.

While knowing it sounded like a ‘cliche’, Ash said the couple were ‘in a different headspace’ while filming the show, due to the exhaustion and physical strain of the competition.

He said they have ‘a pretty big conscious and pretty solid morals’ and that ‘didn’t really align with what was happening’.

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