The Block fans call out detail in room reveal many might have missed: 'Cheap'

One viewer said the bizarre detail would 'annoy the hell' out of them.

The Block fans have called out an odd detail in Kyle and Leslie’s re-do living and dining room that went largely unnoticed during Sunday night’s episode.

The couple were slammed for their original renovation, with the judges commenting that the “constricted” layout “could actually lose them the auction”.

The Block's Kyle and Leslie in their re-do living and dining room.
The Block fans have noticed an odd detail in Kyle and Leslie's re-do living and dining room. Photo: Channel Nine

While they received much more positive feedback for their re-do room after they knocked out a wall and opened up the space, one viewer pointed out an odd detail that has left them confused.

The fan took to a popular Facebook group to say that they were “bothered” by how one of the curtains doesn’t cover the entire window because of the ceiling bannister and leaves the black door frame exposed.

“The fact that the curtains can’t close completely over the door frame looks cheap and tacky. Such a shame,” they wrote, adding that they have no idea what the solution would be.

The Block's Kyle and Leslie's re-do living and dining room showing their exposed door frame.
One viewer noticed that the ceiling bannister prevents the curtain from covering the entire window and leaves the black door frame exposed. Photo: Channel Nine

Viewers were divided in the comments, with one person agreeing that the window placement was “very strange”.

“You're right. It shouldn't look like that. The door frame shouldn't be visible,” another added, while a third said, “I agree, that would bug me. I'd have to do something about it”.

“It would annoy the hell out of me!” someone else said. “Yes if the curtain rod wasn’t installed at the ceiling height the track could have run all the way along.”


However, others said they didn’t see an issue at all and suggested the owners paint the door frame white if they don’t like it.

“I would suggest any of you that don’t like the look of the curtains not closing fully, don’t bid on the house,” a fan commented. “Problem solved.”

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Kyle and Leslie ended up finishing in fourth place for re-do week with a total score of 23.5, while sisters Eliza and Liberty took out the win with 27.5 points.

“I can’t believe we won that,” Liberty said following the announcement. “That is the most unexpected thing of my whole entire life. I am so shocked.”


Meanwhile, Leah and Ash received a score of 27 points but could have finished first if they played their gnome.

“So close to an authentic win!” Leah remarked, while Ash said he wasn’t “kicking himself” because they’re saving the gnome for week 12 in the hopes of winning the Mustang up for grabs.

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