The Block's best room reveals of all time

Here's what it takes to get a perfect score from the judges.

When it comes to reality show renovations, The Block contestants rarely disappoint. But out of hundreds of room reveals, only a handful have ever secured a top score of 10 from all three judges Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker.

With Season 19 kicking off Sunday, 6 August, on Channel 9 and 9Now, here’s a look at some of the most stunning Block transformations over the years.

Season 18: Tom and Sarah Jane's kitchen

This incredible transformation saw the parents from Melbourne get a perfect score of ​​30 out of 30, and it's not hard to see why. The judges were totally blown away by Tom and Sarah's contemporary country kitchen with timber cabinetry, beautiful stone counters, and functional features. In Neale Whitaker's words, it was quite simply "pure luxury".

Tom and Sarah's kitchen from The Block
Tom and Sarah's kitchen wowed The Block's judges. Photo: Channel Nine

Season 17: Mitch and Mark's facade and front yard

Not every winning space has to be inside. For Mitch and Mark back in Season 17, the front of their house was their ticket to a perfect score. The pair not only created an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area but it was praised for being family-friendly too.


Mitch and Mark's facade and front yard from The Block
Mitch and Mark delivered a stunning facade with a family-friendly vibe. Photo: Channel Nine

Season 17: Josh and Luke's master ensuite

Every now and then, The Block contestants really surprise, and Josh and Luke did just that with their master ensuite. The pair thought outside the box, creating an indoor-outdoor space unlike most bathrooms. The transformation was likened to a "luxury retreat" thanks to the open-air bath and impeccable styling.

Josh and Luke's master ensuite from The Block
Josh and Luke surprised the judges with their "luxury retreat" style ensuite. Photo: Channel Nine

Season 13: Ronnie and Georgia's master bedroom

Colour matching is everything on The Block, and Ronnie and Georgia consistently wowed the judges with their blush pink and monochrome tones throughout their Elsternwick home. But the master bedroom is what really swept the judges off their feet. The romantic retreat didn't only impress them for having a layout that "really worked", but the standout feature was the concealed TV that popped out of the wall, teaming design, convenience and functionality in one beautifully presented bedroom.

Ronnie and Georgia's master bedroom from The Block
A master bedroom that not only looks stunning, but has hidden features. Photo: Channel Nine

Season 16: Sarah and George's backyard

The couple from Western Sydney definitely pulled out all the stops during their season of The Block, and their backyard won them a prized place in the judges' hearts. Gaining a perfect score for their outdoor area, the pair was praised for their "magazine cover worthy" pool setting.

Sarah and George's backyard from The Block
Sarah and George nailed the backyard brief. Photo: Channel Nine

Season 16: Jas and Luke's kids' bedroom

When it comes to kids' rooms, it doesn't get much cooler than a loft bunk bed. And that's exactly what scored Jas and Luke a perfect score from all three judges on Season 16. Apart from the space-saving bed, the pair won over the judges with their cute and cozy jungle-theme styling.

The room did prove controversial, however, when it came to light that it was copied from The Designory. "When you present it in a competition and say, 'I put this together', it’s like, 'Well, no you haven't! You just copied somebody else's hard work and claimed it as your own'," Shayna said in a later episode.

Luke and Jasmin's kids' bedroom from The Block
It's not hard to see why Luke and Jasmin's kids' bedroom won over the judges. Photo: Channel Nine

Season 12: Dan and Carleen's kitchen

It's a pretty big call, but Dan and Carleen's kitchen was dubbed the best room ever on The Block, and there's a good reason why: it ticked all the boxes.

The judges all scored this room a perfect 10, saying that it demonstrated the ideal combination of fresh and functional. The "truly cohesive" space won them over because it delivered this without lacking luxury.

Dan and Carleen's kitchen from The Block
Dan and Carleen's kitchen showed off their pair's impeccable style in their functional kitchen. Photo: Channel Nine

Season 9: Dea and Darren's terrace

Dea and Darren were known for creating some incredible spaces, with all of their outdoor areas throughout The Block scoring exceptionally well.

Their terrace on the Glasshouse series earned them a 10 out of 10 from all three judges. The couple scored another set of perfect 10s for their impeccable terrace when they returned for the Triple Threat series.

Dea and Darren's terrace from The Block
This terrace on the Glasshouse season of The Block ticked all the boxes for the judges. Photo: Channel Nine

Season 19 of The Block starts Sunday, 6 August, on Channel 9. Meet this year's contestants here.

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