The Block's Scott Cam reveals he bought one of the houses: 'Got a good deal'

"That's a man who puts his money where his mouth is!"

The Block's Scott Cam has revealed he actually bought one of the houses from the show, adding he 'got a good deal' for it.

The host appeared on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin on Thursday morning, where Dave 'Hughesy' Hughs spoke about how he bought a house from the show in 2017 for $3 million, with Erin Molan reading several headlines about the purchase, including that he regretted purchasing it.

The Block's Scott Cam
The Block's Scott Cam has revealed he bought one of the houses from the show, adding he 'got a good deal' for it. Photo: Nine

"I got slaughtered!" Hughesy said.

"It's safe to say the reaction wasn't positive, or reassuring," Erin joked.

"Just before you go on Hughesy, I own a Block house," Scott said.

"See! That's a man who puts his money where his mouth is!" Hughesy responded.


Scott went on to say that because he has to live in Melbourne for four months of the year, and he doesn't want to live in a hotel for such a long period of time.

"Every now and then on the Block, we do a challenge house, like the soap factory in Port Melbourne, we did five apartments, and there was a sixth apartment in the building and they all do that together and you get money off your reserve," the host revealed. "We do that every now and then if we've got a space, so we don't ever sell that one at auction, the network owns it. Well, I bought it off the network."

Scott Cam's Melbourne apartment from The Block
Scott bought a house from the soap factory building. Photo: Nine

"For a good deal? Like did they screw you?" Erin questioned.

"No, they didn't, I got a good deal! A fair deal," he said. "And obviously, there's shareholders involved, so they couldn't give it to me, and I've lived there for about seven years."

Hughesy then revealed he'd recently received an offer for the house for almost double what he paid.

"It was for a lot more than I paid," Hughesy said, refusing to give specifics.

"Was it almost double?" Erin asked.

"Heading towards almost double," he responded, clearly very happy with the investment.

Scott has previously spoken about his Block purchase, telling 9Entertainment, "I love that building and I love Port Melbourne. I've lived in Port Melbourne for a while, renting, when I'm down there, so it was a perfect fit for me."

"And of course, the other thing is, those homes come fully furnished, with everything," he added. "It's 'turn key and walk in', I didn't have to buy any furniture or artwork or anything. Even plates — they have plates there, and knives and forks."

According to the Herald Sun, he paid $2.2 million for the apartment.

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