The Block's Scott Cam teases major changes for new season: 'Really tough'

EXCLUSIVE: Scott Cam reveals what viewers can expect in season 19.

The Block host Scott Cam has shared a major insight into the new season of the renovation reality TV series ahead of its premiere on Sunday night.

Scott, who has hosted the show since 2010, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that season 19 will feature a number of changes that are set to have a significant impact on the contestants.

The Block’s Scott Cam.
The Block’s Scott Cam has revealed what viewers can expect in the new season. Photo: Channel Nine

“It's a really good series,” he says. “We had a tough series last year, so it was nice to come back to something that was a bit fun and a bit more easygoing, I suppose.

“It’s still a lot of hard work, the biggest houses that the contestants have had to build. It's a very big build, so there are a lot of things that are a little bit different this year in regard to how the series is played out for the contestants.

“So there's a few changes that we've made and that all will be evident in the first episode. But it's a really tough build for them and they do get extremely exhausted throughout it and a little bit irritable at times.”


Scott went on to say that from his perspective, the new season is “a bit more of a happy series” compared to last year’s.

“The contestants might not say the same, but from the crew’s point of view we enjoyed it,” he laughs.

The Block season 19 cast.
‘It's a really tough build for them and they do get extremely exhausted throughout it and a little bit irritable at times.’ Photo: Channel Nine

Why Scott Cam keeps coming back to The Block

Having hosted 17 seasons of the reality show over the past decade, Scott says the reason he keeps coming back to The Block is that it combines his two greatest passions.

“I'm a carpenter by trade and I love the building game, and I like telly,” he remarks. “So the two combinations are perfect for me.”

The Gold Logie-winner adds that the Channel Nine series requires him to work seven days a week for three months during filming, followed by four to five months of post-production which he does from home.

“I've got to narrate 55 episodes of the show, which would be the most voiceover that anybody does in any television show, and I've been doing that for a long time,” he says. “So that’s not that hard, it’s just a bit tedious.


“I keep coming back because I love the show and I love the fact that we have new houses and new builds. We've got obviously new contestants, but I love to see the transition. That's what I love about building, the transition from day one to the day we move out. Because I always look at it and go, right, I’ve got to remember this when we get to the end because I love that transition of building.”

The Block season 19 premieres Sunday, August 6, at 7pm on Nine and 9Now

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