The Block 2023: Most controversial Blockheads ever

It wouldn't be reality TV without a whole lot of drama.

Let's face it, reality TV just wouldn't be the same without a scandal or two and these contestants certainly made it their job to rock The Block during their time on the show.

Jason and Sarah

Back in Season 13, Jason and Sarah were almost kicked off the show after a tumultuous week and a dwindling budget led them to present the judges with absolutely nothing in their master bedroom - the first team ever to do so on The Block.

The Block scandal contestants
Jason and Sarah were the first couple ever to deliver nothing for the judges. Source: Nine

The controversial couple was given an ultimatum to leave the show or complete both the master bedroom and kitchen in one week — which they managed to do by working overtime.

However, they came under fire from viewers once again when they refused to let fellow contestants Hannah and Clint remove their broken spa just before the auction. After being labelled "hypocrites", they eventually relented, but not before letting everyone know they weren't happy about it.


Omar and Oz

" If anybody can explain to me what happened there, I'd love to hear it," said Scott Cam of Omar and Oz's massive win on The Block: Tree Change in 2022.

The best mates from Sydney sold their property for a whopping $5,666,666.66 to regular bidder Danny Wallis, who has purchased several Block properties over the years. His winning bid made the pair a hefty profit of $1,586,666.66. They also walked away with an additional $100,000 for the win, making them the highest paid winners ever on the show.

But questions were soon raised about whether their record-breaking win was "rigged" and how well the boys knew the other bidder Adrian Portelli — also known as Mr Lambo — before the auction.

The Block scandal contestants
Oz and Omar were accused of "rigging" their auction after they walked away with a huge win. Source: Nine

After losing out to Danny, Adrian left the auction without bidding on any other property, leading some viewers to believe Danny was a "dummy bidder" simply there to drive up the price of Omar and Oz's house.

But the boys shut the accusations down, saying they did nothing wrong. "We only knew [Adrian] from when he first visited our house... they came to the house a few times, we took them to the basketball as well. Everyone who was a potential buyer, we really gave up our time for them," they told 2DayFM's Hughesy, Ed and Erin.

Mr Lambo himself also slammed the rumours. Taking to Instagram, he said: "For everyone questioning the legitimacy of the auction, I was a genuine buyer with every intention to purchase that property. Nobody is to blame for what happened. It's an auction."

Tanya and Vito

Tanya Guccione became one of the most infamous women on Aussie TV following the explosive cheating scandal that shook Season 17 of The Block.

Although she denied it throughout the series, Tanya secretly took a photo of the show's production schedule, giving the pair an unfair advantage as they could plan their rooms ahead of time, creating one of the biggest cheating scandals the show has ever seen.

The Block scandal contestants
Tanya finally came clean after denying any wrongdoing for weeks. Source: Nine

While Tanya refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing for weeks, she eventually admitted to snapping the pic, for which she copped fierce backlash from fans and fellow contestants. "I'm not a stupid woman, but I did a stupid thing," she said on the show's season finale.

Scott Cam blasted the couple for their disloyalty, saying what they did was "unAustralian".

In an Instagram post following the series, Tanya was once again apologetic for her actions. "The humiliation on national television, I can assure you is the biggest punishment of all! My children, family and friends are still so proud of our efforts and I'm so grateful to everyone who has supported us and continue to care for us on this journey," she wrote.

Jas and Luke

While every Blockhead looks for a little inspo when planning their room transformations, creating an almost identical copy isn't what the judges are after.

Jas and Luke learned this the hard way when they were called out by viewers for copying a room by interior design company The Designory. The judges only learned of the room similarities after judging took place, prompting Shayna to call them out in a later episode.

The Designory's children's bedroom; The Block's copied room
Copy and paste? Jas and Luke were accused of cheating after their kids' bedroom, on the right, bore a striking resemblance to The Designory's creation. Photo: Nine Network

"When you present it in a competition and say, 'I put this together', it’s like, 'Well, no you haven't! You just copied somebody else's hard work and claimed it as your own'," Shayna said.

But Jas hit back at claims the pair cheated, saying she was open about using the original room as inspiration. "I know for a fact that other contestants did the same for rooms in their houses this season and in previous seasons. None of us are designers – we're just ordinary people having a crack at something very unfamiliar. We need all the help we can get," she told TV Week at the time.

Season 19 of The Block starts Sunday 6 August on Channel 9. Meet this year's contestants here.

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