The Block fans slam 'drama' as hidden camera exposes scandal: 'Stick to renos'

The suspense surrounding The Block's 'biggest ever cheating scandal' has been building all week until shock hidden camera footage that aired during the final moments of Tuesday night's episode exposed some of the truth behind the leaked photo of the production schedule.

However, as previews for tonight's episode indicate, the controversy surrounding the image - which Tanya claimed she was originally sent by an 'anonymous tradie' - is far from over, and viewers have taken to social media to slam the show for having too much 'drama' to what is 'normally fun family entertainment'.

the block Tanya and Luke explain cheating scandal
Tanya and Luke sat down so she could do a 'tell-all' interview. Photo: Channel Nine

Contestants Tanya and Vito had previously stayed quiet about the photo that was taken inside Scott Cam’s private office, but once the controversial twins Luke and Josh, as well as their builder, began to be implicated, Tanya decided to do a 'sit down' interview with producers to reveal "my truth".

But at the end of the episode, hidden camera footage from the site's break room showed Tanya and Vito seemingly 'preparing their story'.

"I’m going to tell the camera what happened about the tradie sending me the photo," Tanya can be heard saying, before she contradicts some of the 'facts' she had told producers.

"You’ve got to always have the same consistent story...," she added in a whisper.


As the scandal was unravelling on screen, viewers of the show took to Twitter to share their reactions to Tanya's 'truth', with many admitting they did not believe her story.

However, others also pointed out they weren't happy with how much 'drama' was featuring on the reality show.

"You know what I couldn't care less who took what photo when and who sent it where. I kinda just want to watch some people renovate some houses. Obvs that's too much to ask of The Block," was one frustrated comment online.

"Didn’t know I needed a cheating scandal on The Block," another said.

"Not enjoying #theblockau tonight. Do they really need this sort of detraction from what is normally fun family entertainment?" another person asked.

"Will say though, it's a shame that this drama has gone over three episodes. Would've liked to see some renovation this week," one wrote, while another simply said: "So much drama…."

"Stick to the Renos Block - losing your way!!!" another person wrote.

the block hidden camera tanya and vito
At the end of the episode, Hidden Camera footage appeared to reveal some of the truth. Photo: Channel Nine

Blockheads Ronnie and Georgia were the first to call out the Luke and Josh after their Master Bedroom win, claiming the only reason the boys rushed plans through council to switch their garage around, was because they knew the schedule thanks to the photo leak.

A furious Scott Cam then called Ronnie, Georgia, Luke and Josh into his office where the schedule was promptly scrapped.

"Take a really good look at it right now because here it is for one minute and now, it’s gone," he said, before rubbing out the whiteboard. "There is going to be no schedule. It’s all changed from here."

Keith and Dan then set out to do an 'investigation' on site to get to the bottom of where the photo had come from, which eventually lead to Luke and Josh's Builder, and then on to Tanya and Vito.

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