The Block: The biggest scandals over the years

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It has only just kicked off but already on The Block, there are accusations of cheating. Country singer Kirsty dobbed on NSW twins Josh and Luke for getting their builders to help with the painting, contravening the rules of the game. But hey rules were meant to be broken... weren't they?

If this is what happened on the premiere episode then it doesn't bode well for the rest of the season – or it does if you love the drama. 

But this isn't the first time teams have been accused of cheating and much worse. Here we count down the top scandals ever to have happened in The Block universe.

Bianca and Carla cheat not once but twice

Carla and Bianca on The Block
Former netballers Carla and Bianca renovated a penthouse in the 2018 season of The Block and were known for bending the rules sometimes. Photo: Channel 9

Netball champions Bianca and Carla were very popular in the 2018 season of The Block - but not with fellow contestants Sara and Hayden. The girls first broke the rules when they bribed a tradie to use a crane to winch up some timber with a case of beer. All the contestants had specifically been told they could not make use of the crane.


They then went on to get busted for severely underpaying for lighting for their apartment to stay on budget, with Scottie Cam explaining that contestants must pay at least 50% of the retail value of an item. 

"We're happy to pay what we need to pay," Bianca said on the show. "We're not trying to get away with anything, we're more than happy to pay extra for the lights that we have in here." With Carla adding that they just trusted the amount the sales assistant gave them and didn't double-check numbers.

"They're dirty! You'd think as professionals in the sports industry they'd follow the rules, but they keep breaking them and getting caught," Sara told TV Week. "I couldn't trust them as far as I could throw them!"

Copying room designs off other designers

The Block 2020 Luke and Jasmin's kid's room
The Block 2020 Luke and Jasmin's kid's room and their 'inspiration' Barefoot Bay Villa Byron Bay by design firm The Designory. Photo: Instagram/@theblock & The Designory

Jasmin and Luke got into hot water last year when they were accused of copying the design for their winning kid's room. 

While the couple defended the similarities saying they took inspiration from another designer, Shaynna Blaze was less than impressed.

“You’re calling it inspiration. Inspiration is one thing. Completely taking someone’s idea and making it your own is another,” Shaynna said. “We’re in a competition, and you won a room where you make money. You haven’t changed it up enough.”

Winning bidder never paid up

The Block's Jimmy and Tam and the winning bidder Emese Fajk.
The Block 2020 winners Jimmy and Tam and the winning bidder for their property Emese Fajk. Photo: Instagram/@theblock & Channel 9

It's usually the contestants that cause the problems but in 2020, it was the winning buyer that created the controversy. At the nail-biting auction, Jimmy and Tam's house made a record-breaking $966,000 profit taking their overall winnings to $1.06million.

However, they allegedly never got a payment from cybersecurity specialist Emese Fajk whose winning bid was $4,256,000. Emese, who has since left Australia for Europe claims she was naive when it came to purchasing the property. 

"My fault in all this was that I did not know the purchase process and therefore was unable to spot mistakes or know what information was missing," she said in a video she made while in Portugal.

"I'm a 29-year-old girl building my own life and I will not continue to suffer in silence and let this hang above my head as some sort of dark cloud," she added.

Only time will tell if this year's contestants will bring more drama during the show or create it after the show is over!

The Block: Fans v Faves Sundays at 7pm and Monday - Wednesday 7.30pm on Channel 9

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