The Block star claims she was ‘set up’ as cheating scandal escalates

The Block’s ‘biggest ever cheating scandal’ has continued to escalate since twins Luke and Josh Packham used a stolen photo of the production schedule to secure their Master Bedroom week win on Monday night.

After they and their builder began to be implicated for their actions, fellow contestant Tanya Guccione came forward and asked to do a sit-down interview with the show’s producers to share her “truth”.

The Block's Tanya and Vito.
Tanya has claimed she was “set up”. Photo: Channel Nine

Tanya claimed that she was originally sent a photo of the production schedule by an ‘anonymous tradie’, and then passed on the information to Luke and Josh.

However, as viewers saw in Tuesday’s episode, she was filmed with her partner Vito from the site’s break room ‘preparing their story’ prior to the interview.


“I’m going to tell the camera what happened about the tradie sending me the photo,” she was heard saying before telling contradictory ‘facts’ in her tell-all.

“You’ve got to always have the same consistent story,” she added in a whisper.

The Block's Tanya and Luke.
Tanya and Luke sat down for a 'tell-all' interview on Tuesday night. Photo: Channel Nine

The reality TV star has now spoken with and claims that there was more to the drama than viewers were made aware of.

“Obviously the photo did end up in my possession, but [the schedule] was actually in a really obvious spot,” she alleged.

“Most of us came by it because it was right by the toilet, it was right there on a massive board. It was right there in front of us, so I felt very singled out, like I was the only one who saw it but plenty of others used the toilet that day.”

“It felt almost like it could have been set up.

“I know the story coming is that someone found the schedule in Scotty Cam’s office, and yes, it was there, but making it sound like I’m a commando rolling on the floor sneaking into his office is definitely a reality TV part of it.”

The Block's Scotty Cam on Fitzy & Wippa.
Block host Scott Cam fired up during his radio interview with Fitzy & Wippa. Photos: Supplied/Nova

Tanya’s admission comes shortly after host Scott Cam joined Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa and called the entire saga “un-Australian”.

The 58-year-old fired up when responding to Luke and Josh’s accusation that he had favourites on the show.

“Those boys are absolutely kidding themselves. I’m scrambling to save this series, that’s what I’m doing because people at home will be going this whole thing is not fair, this whole thing is a joke,” he said.

“If he’s referring to Ronnie and Georgia, he’s got to be joking. The boys had the photo, they knew all along with the schedule was, the ball was in their court, certainly not mine and for them to say that that sh*** me up the wall.”

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