The Block's Scott Cam blows up on radio over cheating scandal: 'Sh**s me!'

The Block host Scott Cam has blown up on radio this morning after more details of the 'cheating scandal' came to light, calling the whole saga "un-Australian".

Speaking on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa a very fired up Scott Cam responded to comments made by Josh and Luke accusing him of playing favourites and protecting other contestants.

block host scott cam on radio with fitzy and wippa
Block host Scott Cam fired up on radio. Photos: Supplied/Nova

"We had the boys on yesterday this is what he had to say about you..," Fitzy said, before playing the audio from the interview with the controversial twins.

"I think Scotty’s gone easy on some people that have knowledge of it, to help them and have probably got away with it," they claimed.

And that didn't sit well with the seasoned TV presenter.


"Those boys are absolutely kidding themselves. I’m scrambling to save this series, that’s what I’m doing because people at home will be going this whole thing is not fair, this whole thing is a joke," Scott said.

"If he’s referring to Ronnie and Georgia, he’s got to be joking. The boys had the photo, they knew all along with the schedule was, the ball was in their court, certainly not mine and for them to say that that sh*** me up the wall."

the block photo scandal
Producers were forced to scrap the entire production schedule over the leaked photo. Photo: Channel Nine

Fans of The Block had been calling for Luke and Josh to be 'kicked off' the show, after it was revealed they had seen a photo of the entire production schedule, which allowed them to plan ahead for their Master Bedroom, ultimately helping them win that week.

Then however, fellow contestant Tanya claimed she was the original source of the photo after receiving it from an anonymous tradie, before hidden camera footage appeared to potentially poke holes in that story as well.

Regardless of who took the photo, Scott Cam has called the cheating he's seen on the show "un-Australian".

"I love the Block and I don’t like anyone messing with it and that’s messing with it," he told radio hosts Fitzy & Wippa. "You’ve gotta remember guys this is a competition to win $100,000 plus more. People have left their homes, their kids, in attempt to make some life changing money to change their lives.

"And to have someone cheat and get an advantage to me is un-Australian no good and it needs to be weeded out and I’d like it to be 1965 or something like that and we could go old school on them or something like that."

the block contestants luke and josh cheating
He called the cheating he had seen on the show "un-Australian". Photo: Channel Nine

Scott also stood up for Ronnie and Georgia, calling them “straight shooters” and promises tonight’s body corporate meeting is “very heated”, saying “we’ve never seen anything like it on The Block before”.

"Everybody has their two bobs worth and it gets very heated. Everyone is quite emotional about this is because no one likes cheating and everyone wants a fair playing field," he said.

"I think Ronnie and Georgia found out about it a few days before they brought it to light, and not knowing probably the severity of it," he added, saying the rumour they knew about it from the start probably came from the twins.

"Because they’re just trying to deflect themselves at the beginning the boys were thinking it was a bit of a laugh, sorry we made a blue, happy days and forgetting about the emotional twist in this and the Australian way."

The Block 7:30pm continues tonight on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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