The Block's Eliza and Liberty hit back at claims they're the 'biggest cheaters'

'The lies they’re coming out with about us are incredible.'

The Block’s Eliza and Liberty have responded to recent claims made by their co-stars Kristy and Brett that they were the “biggest cheaters” this season.

During a radio interview last week, controversial couple Kristy and Brett boldly claimed they were the only team who didn’t cheat whereas the sisters in House 5 broke the rules most often.

The Block’s Eliza and Liberty.
The Block’s Eliza and Liberty have hit back at Kristy and Brett’s claims that they cheated on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

“[There was] extra work being done on houses and stuff, or bribing with alcohol to be able to get waterproofing done. These are against the rules,” Brett said.

Eliza and Liberty have since clapped back during an interview with KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren on Monday morning, with Eliza admitting their comments made her “really angry”.

“Here’s the thing, you start on an even playing field and when you're telling people to get stuffed in a very aggressive way, they're going to be less willing to kind of work with you,” she said.


“And as far as the alcohol one, you all saw it on camera. Dan [Reilly] said to us, ‘Say thank you with a bottle of alcohol’. That's what we did. It was on camera, and we gave it in front of House 3. Do you think if it was cheating or dodgy we would be doing it?

“What Kristy and Brett can't grasp is that kindness, respect, good relationships, they actually get you places. They just can't fathom it and I just think they struggle with it and the lies they’re coming out with about us are incredible.”

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The sisters went on to label Kristy and Brett as “nasty” and “mean”, with Eliza saying they are “not nice people, on and off camera.”

“They’re exactly the same on camera as they are off camera from what we've experienced,” Liberty added.

The Block’s Kristy and Brett.
Liberty claimed that Kristy and Brett are ‘exactly the same on camera as they are off camera’. Photo: Channel Nine

Kristy and Brett reveal their surprising strategy

This comes shortly after Kristy and Brett revealed that they had a plan to cause drama and “ruffle some feathers” from the moment they applied for the show.

“Originally when we applied I was like, the last few seasons I’ve found boring,” Brett told KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren. “I just thought it would be interesting to bring in someone that wanted to do that and stir the pot and get in a bit of trouble. That was in our audition video.”


The married couple, who have been accused by viewers of “bullying” their competitors, were asked during the interview if they would do anything differently if they had their time again.

“It’s probably the wrong answer, but probably not,” Kristy admitted, while Brett said you would “never” hear them complain about their ‘edit’.

“We’re people that are gonna own it and lean into it,” he explained. “We did come in to ruffle feathers to stir the pot, so to get this response means that we did what we came to do.”

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