The Block: The twins cop brutal feedback for 'atrocious' bathroom

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The Block's Luke and Josh Packham copped some brutal feedback from the judges over their bathroom renovation, causing them to come in last for the week.

The judges called the boys out for their "atrocious" styling and outdated design with the twins scoring just 20.5 points for their $25,356 bathroom.

The Block's Luke and Josh
The Block's Luke and Josh copped brutal feedback from the judges over their 'atrocious' bathroom styling and outdated design. Photo: Nine

The brothers admitted to being "hurt and frustrated" by the comments, pushing back on the critique.

The twins chose to half tile their bathroom on two sides and had a Venetian plastered wall and ceiling with none of the judges being left impressed.

Darren Palmer described the room as having a "masculine, moody" style, but added the Venetian plastering was a "waste of money" and a "weird choice".


"It just feels to me incredibly dated," Neale Whitaker said. "I never wanna see this grey, grey, grey palette again in a bathroom."

"Take it on the chin, your styling’s atrocious," Shaynna Blaze added, pointing out the fact the boys had left a block of cheese, some chocolates and an upside-down book on the timber bath caddy.

The Block judges
The Block judges had a lot of feedback for the twins, with none of them liking the bathroom. Photo: Nine

"We disagree, we think it’s ultra-modern and everyone that’s seen the bathroom, all of our tradies have liked it," Josh said of the feedback.

"They're wrong," Luke joked, saying it was their turn to cop the bad feedback.

The judges later appeared from inside Scotty's Beach Bar to chat with the contestants with Georgia telling the boys it was going to be "awkward" for them now.

"I'd say it to their face, I don't care," Luke said.

The contestants were then offered a Q and A with the judges with Luke saying he was confused about the feedback as everyone else who had seen it seemed to love it.

Darren explained it was a very expensive finish and not where they should be putting their money, saying they would have been better off tiling all of the walls.

Josh and Luke's bathroom
The judges agreed that the Venetian plastering was a waste of money, but the boys loved their feature wall. Photo: Nine
Darren, Neale and Shaynna appeared on set
The twins were shocked to see the judges show up. Photo: Nine

"They say judging is not personal, but when you’re living here 24/7 it feels personal and it hurts," Josh told the cameras, with Luke adding, "It's not nice to cop it."

"We’re upset and frustrated and hurt by the comments, but we will push on, we’ll make some adjustments, but it’s going to have the same theme throughout the home and that’s that."

Many viewers agreed with the judges with one user Tweeting, "Yep… gotta agree with the judges. The twins styling is hideous."

"The brothers did have an ugly bathroom," another user wrote. "I'm sure it was expensive, but it looks like every bathroom in those carbon copy two story new builds that are going up everywhere in the western suburbs."

"Of course the twins disagree. they’re their own biggest fans," a third wrote.

"The twins need to learn to take criticism," someone else added. "They need to learn they aren't entitled to praise all the time."

"Sorry twins, your bathroom is horrific," another said.

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