The Block: Channel Nine rushes to film more content ahead of must-see finale

EXCLUSIVE: Cameras have continued rolling in the lead up to Sunday night’s auction.

As one of the most controversial seasons of The Block approaches its end, Channel Nine has reportedly requested more footage of the teams getting along to include in the final episode.

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that while cameras usually continue rolling until the auction, producers made sure to reunite the contestants so the show can end on a positive note.

Channel Nine is said to have made the last-minute decision after listening to feedback from viewers that the “toxic drama” between the cast has made the show “unwatchable” - despite this year’s ratings being higher than last season’s.

The Block 2024 cast walking with Scott Cam in Melbourne.
Cameras have continued rolling on The Block ahead of Sunday night’s final episode. Photo: Channel Nine

What are the relationships like now?

Our source tells us that House 5’s Eliza and Liberty were only speaking with House 4’s Steph and Gian at the beginning of this week, with Eliza being particularly “icy” towards her co-stars.

“I think House 5 is already thinking beyond The Block,” the insider shares, adding that they will do well aligning with sponsorships after the series wraps.

However, things appear to have changed after the cast reunited throughout the week, with Eliza telling KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren on Friday that she’s “turned over a new leaf”.

“I can’t give anything away but there's been a moment,” she shared, while Liberty said “everyone was amicable and fine” when they all came together.


Meanwhile, House 3’s Kristy and Brett have been making “a huge effort” with their co-stars and mended bridges with Houses 1, 2 and 4.

Liberty is believed to be open to “giving them another shot”, however, our source says it might be more difficult for Eliza to start fresh.

House 2’s Leah has also patched things up with her former bestie Kristy after leaving the stress of filming behind them, although it's unsure how she and Leslie will interact in the final episode.

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What's been filmed?

Our insider tells us the contestants have been told “to get ready each day this week as though they are going out for dinner”, but have been kept in the dark on what the filming will entail.

“A couple of the houses were concerned there was a MAFS-style dinner party being set up to capture the current behind-the-scenes tension, but it is the opposite,” the source shares.

“The houses have been seen filming in Melbourne CBD in fun environments so the footage will book-end the auctions.”

Host Scott Cam took the cast to see Elvis: A Musical Revolution a few days ago, and the whole filming process this week is said to have been “cathartic” for everyone.

The Block 2024 cast with Scott Cam at Elvis: A Musical Revolution in Melbourne.
Scott Cam took the entire cast to see Elvis: A Musical Revolution in Melbourne earlier this week. Photo: Channel Nine

The auctions are set to take place on Saturday and will be shown in the nail-biting season finale on Sunday night.

“There will not be any glasses of wine being thrown and while anything can happen at an auction, producers are pretty confident that will be left to the brides and grooms on MAFS,” our source continues.

“The results of the auction may open old wounds for some contestants but insiders doubt the houses will result in drinks being thrown on each other.”


While Steph and Gian are currently the favourites to win this year’s season of The Block, viewers will have to tune in on Sunday night to see which team takes out the most amount of money.

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