The Block's Kristy and Brett reveal why they 'sabotaged' Steph and Gian's build

The married couple describe themselves as 'pot stirrers' rather than 'villains'.

They're one of the most outspoken teams on this year’s season of The Block, but Kristy and Brett have denied that they are “villains”.

The South Australian couple appeared to increase their gameplay during Master Bedroom week and confessed to becoming “more savage” with their opponents.

The Block’s Kristy and Brett.
The Block’s Kristy and Brett have been one of the most outspoken couples this season. Photo: Channel Nine

“Steph is very easy to get into her head. I can easily suggest something as a throwaway comment and it will eat her away and I did that,” Kristy shared on the show.

“Let's not forget that this is a game and if anyone doesn't think it wasn't a game plan to be friendly at the beginning, they’re underestimating us.”


Kristy has since told TV WEEK that while she would occasionally say things to Steph to make her doubt herself - like when she suggested she add beams to her bedroom ceiling even though they would contradict the beams downstairs - it was never with any malice.

“So light-heartedly, I would just mess with her sometimes, like stir the pot and just chuck a little bomb here and there,” she said. “It would rattle her a little bit.

“That's literally all I did and walked away. Then we were sitting in our lounge room, her plasterers came in and they were like, ‘Yeah thanks for that Kristy. You've made Steph review our whole thing and we've got to work overnight now’.”

Her husband Brett also described Steph as a “little wind-up toy”, adding: “We're not villains, we're pot stirrers.”

The Block’s Kristy and Brett wearing hi-vis.
‘We're not villains, we're pot stirrers.’ Photo: Channel Nine

'We are not nasty'

This comes shortly after fellow contestant Leah spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about her and her husband Ash’s controversial portrayal and said she’s found it “disappointing” watching the show on TV.

“It's not how I am as a person in my everyday life. I am a straight shooter, that’s what we are, but we are not nasty. We don't ever try and gang up on anybody,” she said.


“It's just not who we are and it's just unfortunate that The Block is first and foremost a competitive environment. The way that you act and say things is not how you are in normal life, so it’s a shame that the audience isn't getting an accurate view of me.

“But hey, the other thing is I am quite loud and confident and that is polarising for our society at the moment. ‘Women should be little wallflowers’, and I’m not one of them.”

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