The Bachelors week two recap: The good, the bad and the ugly

The drama continues.

👍 The Good: Contestant swaps Bachelor

👎 The Bad: Dramatic mass exodus

😡 The Ugly: Polyamorous relationship unfolds

It’s week two on The Bachelors and romance is definitely in the air, with several contestants emerging as frontrunners for leading men Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli.

With a polyamory scandal rocking the mansion, a contestant swapping Bachelors mid-rose ceremony and a mass walk-out, it’s fair to say that this year’s season is unlike any other.

Jasmine follows her heart and swaps Bachelor

With three leads this season, it was inevitable that at least one contestant would ditch her Bachelor to pursue a potential romance with another. This is exactly what 24-year-old Jasmine Absolom did during Sunday night’s rose ceremony when she rejected Jed’s rose in the hopes of receiving one from Thomas.

“I think that throughout my time in the mansion here, I have been very true to myself and I’ve been very upfront and I’ve stood my ground,” she told Jed. “And as much as I think you’re a beautiful person, I don’t think I can accept the rose from you.”

The risk ended up paying off for Jasmine, who not only received Thomas’ rose that night but scored a single date with him shortly after.

Former Bachelorette star Jake Ellis, who had his own dramatic rose ceremony moment on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he’s surprised it took this long for a contestant to swap Bachelor and Jasmine doesn’t deserve any backlash for doing what she did.

“If you think about Bachelor in Paradise, everyone swaps every day. Which is probably not a good thing, but that did happen,” he laughs. “I hope it’s going to happen more often.

“Everyone's very judgmental, but you go on this show for a reason. And yes, it is obviously to potentially find someone, but it's also for the adventure and the other side of that coin. So if you're not there for love, or you're there to really get the most out of the experience, then, of course, it's a no-brainer that's what you're going to do.”

Jasmine and Bachelor Jed / Jasmine and Bachelor Thomas.
Jasmine declined Jed’s rose and accepted Thomas’ instead. Photos: Channel 10


Three contestants leave the show in a dramatic walk-out

The morning after Jasmine’s ‘Bachelor swap’, contestants Tash Candyce, Marjorie Griffiths and CJ chose to leave the mansion in protest.

“The three of them were very strict in that they wanted to leave immediately,” host Osher Günsberg said when he broke the news to the Bachelors. “They didn’t want to say goodbye. Actually, they’re on their way home right now.”

Tash, who is arguably the season’s most controversial contestant, then shocked viewers during Wednesday night’s episode when she made a surprising return to the show.

“I’m back b**ches! Did you miss me?” she said in her confessional. “I’m here to speak to Jed. I found myself missing him when I was at home. I want to surprise him. I want Jed back, and when I want something I get it.”

While viewers will have to wait until Sunday night’s episode to see her conversation with Jed and find out if she is allowed to return to the mansion, former Bachelor star Florence Alexandra tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she believes Tash only came back to the show because she “wants to win”.

“I highly doubt Jed is the love of her life,” she shares. “I think production asked her if she wanted to come back. Maybe she asked to come back, or maybe they asked her to come back.

“I know they asked me when I left [Bachelor in Paradise] if I wanted to come back, but that was a different situation. I got eliminated in Fiji and they asked me, ‘Do you want to come back?’. And that was pretty spontaneous because I had already flown back to Melbourne so I had to catch another flight, it’s not like I was waiting around the corner. But in this scenario, I think she may have asked.”

The Bachelors' Tash.
Tash left the show on Tuesday night but made a surprising return during Thursday’s episode. Photo: Channel 10


Jessica’s polyamorous relationship unfolds on-camera

After it was revealed last week that 25-year-old Jessica Navin was in a polyamorous relationship outside of the show, Bachelor Felix was forced to meet her partner Damien on a tense group date during Tuesday night’s episode.

“At the end of the day, I want Jess to choose me,” Damien told Felix, making it clear that he wants to be monogamous with her. Felix ended up taking Jessica on a single date to further discuss any potential future between them where she hinted that she would pick him over Damian, but still refused to make a decision.

Sharing her thoughts on the drama with Yahoo Lifestyle, Florence Alexandra labels the entire polyamory storyline “a train wreck”.

“I don't think this is something that belongs on this type of show and I think [the producers] just tried to have another 'first',” she says. “But I think they need to calm down a little bit because it's a lot of reaching this season, it’s too much of everything.

“There's no way in hell that this relationship between Jessica and Felix is ever going to work. There's no way that he's ever going to pick her. She’ll stick around for a little bit for suspense, but there is no way that you become the Bachelor only to pick a girl who is already in a relationship with a dude who's also been on the show and who is super committed to this girl and will probably fight you.

“I'm over it,” she continues. “[Jessica] doesn't know what she wants. She never has a straight answer to any question. The show is not about you. This is not personal, because I do think she seems nice and she's a lovely girl, but what are you doing here? Anyone who doesn't know what they want shouldn't be winning or shouldn't be on The Bachelor. This is not the environment, especially not when there's an engagement at the end. It just doesn't make sense.”

Jessica’s boyfriend Damien and Bachelor Felix.
Jessica’s boyfriend Damien confronted Felix on a group date. Photos: Channel 10


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