Hidden detail in Bachelor star's racy G-string outfit: 'Confused'

Florence Alexandra has revealed why she thinks Tilly wore what she did.

This year’s season of The Bachelors has definitely turned up the heat, with leading man Felix Von Hofe sharing a steamy pool date with Tilly Skok during Wednesday night’s episode.

Viewers were left stunned by the couple’s “soft porn” hook-up, which saw Tilly straddle Felix in the pool as they splashed around and made out, as well as Tilly’s racy ensemble. The 24-year-old frontrunner wasn’t afraid to bare all in a lacy black one-piece G-string outfit that showed off her figure.

The Bachelors’ Tilly and Felix kissing.
The Bachelors’ Tilly wore a racy swimsuit on her date with Felix. Photos: Channel 10

While several social media users have shared their divided opinions of the risqué look online, beloved Bachelor alum Florence Alexandra has now weighed in and revealed why she thinks Tilly wore what she did.

The 33-year-old, who was a fan favourite contestant on Matty J’s season of The Bachelor in 2017 and has since made three appearances on Bachelor in Paradise across Australia and the US, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that it’s important to note that producers always tell contestants to pack swimwear for a date.

“So I think she purposely chose not to wear her swimmers and show up in this like, lacy thing that she was wearing with the G-string and everything,” she explains.


“She does look amazing, she can definitely pull it off. It's just that I know that they tell you to wear swimmers, and I paid attention to this because when Thomas [Malucelli] entered the pool with Lauren [Whybird], she was wearing swimmers.

“Every date they tell you to pack your swimmers, and we didn't even have a Bach Pad with a pool. But still, if I was going to downtown Sydney I would still have to pack my swimmers, so I know that she probably chose to wear this. It's very sexy, very racy.”

The Bachelor's Florence Alexandra.
Former Bachelor star Florence Alexandra has shared why she thinks Tilly wore what she did. Photo: Instagram/florencealexandras


However, Florence says that it’s interesting Tilly wore this outfit in the pool when she was wearing a “normal summer dress” for the first part of her date with Felix.

“I'm not sure if production told her to wear this really sexy lingerie and not wear swimmers, but I'm confused as to why Lauren was wearing swimmers and Tilly wasn’t,” she continues. “It just adds to the whole sexual thing.”


Florence also adds that the reason viewers probably found Felix and Tilly’s hook-up to be “uncomfortable” and “cringey” is because it’s not what they are used to seeing on The Bachelor.

“I think a lot of people are watching this not necessarily interested in seeing this and watching with their kids,” she says. “I'm not a prude and I'm not one to say it should be super clean, but I think this is just a lot.

“And it really showed I think Tilly is really young and she is still kind of in a mindset that this is how you get a man. And you know what, a man like Felix you will get this way, so she's probably going to get him.”

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