Bachelor star reveals surprising detail in show's OnlyFans scandal

Former contestant Jessica Brody has shared her thoughts on the drama.

Following in the footsteps of Married At First Sight, Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelors kicked off what’s sure to be an explosive OnlyFans scandal this season.

The drama, which is expected to continue next week, began when Tash revealed while being filmed that Jasmine had an account on the adult subscription-based platform. This came shortly after Tash had outed fellow contestant Jessica to her Bachelor Felix for being in a polyamorous relationship outside of the show.

The Bachelors’ Jasmine and Tash.
The Bachelors’ Tash (right) outed Jasmine for having an OnlyFans account. Photos: Channel 10

Tash’s actions sparked outrage both online and in the mansion, where a number of cast members argued she shouldn’t have spoken about Jasmine’s OnlyFans account on camera without her consent.

“The fact that Tash completely threw Jessica under the bus and now my information got shared without my permission, it’s so unbelievably disgusting to see someone act like that,” Jasmine said in her confessional.

Now, former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Jessica Brody has shared her thoughts on the scandal and added some extra insight into what it’s like filming the show from someone who’s been through it.


“To me, that’s disgusting,” she says about Tash’s actions. “When you're in that house, you have a couple of days a week where you're on camera and the rest is off camera, and so you know when you can say things on camera and off camera.

“You sort of have this agreement with the girls of what is said in those environments in those private moments is kept for those moments. I had really intimate conversations with some of the girls from my season, and that information has never gotten out to the world because of respect. And so I think Tash sort of broke that code of, ‘We said this in private’.”

The Bachelor's Jessica Brody.
Jessica Brody describes Tash’s behaviour as ‘disgusting’. Photo: Instagram/jessica_brody

‘She knew exactly what she was doing’

Jessica went on to say it was “very disrespectful” for Tash to share Jasmine’s personal information not just in front of the other contestants but for all of Australia to see on TV.

“To out someone like that when that's not your place, to me that's different from the polyamory situation,” she adds. “It doesn't affect the situation as directly and it is definitely not her information to bring up.


“And the way Tash went, ‘Oh what do you mean?’ and played dumb after she said it but snickered, I was literally looking at the TV just like, ‘That’s gross’.

“I'm interested to see what happens moving forward because I don't think Jed would even care [about Jasmine’s OnlyFans], but it’s definitely not Tash’s information to share - especially not on camera. She knew exactly what she was doing.”

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