Former Bachelor stars reveal who they think will win season 10: 'Obvious'

A number of past contestants have shared their thoughts.

The tenth season of The Bachelor Australia is officially underway, with 30 contestants vying for the affections of Thomas Malucelli, Jed McIntosh and Felix Von Hofe.

Yahoo Lifestyle spoke with a number of former stars of the franchise about the show, which has adopted a brand new format this year, and who they think will win each of the Bachelors' hearts.

Bachelors' Jed, Felix and Thomas.
Former Bachelor stars have revealed who they think will win season ten. Photo: Channel 10


Holly Kingston, who won Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson’s heart on season nine of the series, believes 32-year-old Leah will make it “very far” for Thomas.

“I think Leah will make it to one or two, I’m calling it,” she says. “Leah, the wedding dress girl, had the lovely music, seems genuine, seems lovely, we like her. It's all in the music and I think Thomas is very spiritual and he is there for the right reasons, so I have a feeling someone baring their soul like that and opening up within the first 10 minutes of meeting them will be right up his alley. So, Leah number one.”


Meanwhile, both Jimmy and The Bachelorette season two star Jake Ellis think Thomas will choose 38-year-old Kiki in the finale.

“First impressions of Kiki, she seems beautiful and she seems very soulful, which I think Thomas will like,” Jimmy says. “Also just seems like she’s there to actually meet someone. I do not get any ‘there for the wrong reasons’ vibes from Kiki.”

The Bachelor has got a pretty good strike rate of successful couples that have actually worked, and I was pretty iffy that this season is going to work,” Jake adds. “But if anything’s going to work I reckon it would be with Thomas because he just feels like he's a bit more responsible and sensitive.”

Season seven contestant Jessica Brody agrees that based on the edit, Thomas is more likely to end up with Kiki than Leah.

“I like Leah, I think she's great with Thomas, but it's giving stage five clinger vibes,” she shares. “I think that that's gonna go up in flames. I reckon Thomas might end up with Kiki. I really like Kiki, she’s a bit older which is fantastic, and they just seem to mesh really well. We’ve seen snippets of her but it's not been as deep as the Leah situation, so I reckon Kiki is my pick for Thomas.”

Bachelors' Leah and Kiki.
Holly predicts Thomas will choose Leah, while Jimmy and Jessica believe he’ll pick Kiki. Photos: Channel 10


Holly and Jimmy both predict that 28-year-old Alésia, who went on an ice skating date with Jed in episode one, will win the drummer’s heart.

“They had some real chemistry and I think she looks genuine and lovely. I think she could be a front-runner,” she says. “We’re both going to go Alésia for the front runner. Could be a bit too obvious, but we’ll call it.”

Jake and Jessica also believe that Alésia is the likely winner, with Jessica adding: “I know we've seen her a lot, but I really like her. She gives good vibes and I like them together. They seem to have a really authentic connection, so she’s going to be my vote.”

While season five star Florence Alexandra agrees that Jed will probably pick Alésia, she also thinks 31-year-old 'villain' Tash Candyce might make it to the finale.

“Just because people love to hate, and production showed her saying ‘I am the finale’,” she says. “So I think production would love to put her into the finale and then Tash gets dumped. I think that would be a great scenario for television.”

Bachelors' Alesia.
Holly, Jimmy, Jake and Jessica all think Jed will pick Alésia. Photo: Channel 10


While he admits it “might be controversial”, former Bachelor Jimmy thinks 25-year-old Jessica will be Felix’s winner.

“I like Jessica, the dancer,” he says. “I could just see in his eyes and he said after [the blind date], ‘This is exactly why I’m here’, and you could tell he wouldn’t say that unless he was really really into her. Otherwise, he would be like, ‘She’s a really nice girl and I can definitely see something going there’, but he was like, ‘Bang, yes she is exactly my type’. She seems super sweet, kind of cute and athletic which I think he’ll like.”


“She got a lot of airtime too,” Holly chimes in. “Could be right, but I think just to disagree with you I’m going to go Tilly. Tilly is the cricketer, and they were the ones that tried to kiss and then they realised they had the big [helmets] on.”

Florence also predicts Felix will end up with Tilly because the entire season has been "the Tilly and Felix sex show".

Meanwhile, Jessica believes 26-year-old Krystal could be Felix's winner.

“I really like Krystal, I think she is funny, she is hot, she is smart,” she remarks. “The way she handled that whole situation with Tash, my favourite thing was when she said to Jed, ‘Oh, you agree with her? You guys have made for each other’. I was like, ‘Yes!’. So I'm gonna go with Krystal. I don't know if they will end up together, but I really like her and I'm rooting for her.”

Jake agrees Krystal looks like a frontrunner but predicts Felix will choose Tilly in the finale.

“The polyamorous girl (Jessica), I don't think she’s gonna win. That won't happen,” he says. “Tilly’s hot, I reckon she will win. She’s got a really nice smile.”

d. Photos: Channel 10
Jimmy thinks Felix will end up with Jessica, Holly believes he will pick Tilly, and Jessica predicts Krystal is his winner. Photos: Channel 10. Photos: Channel 10

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