The Bachelors' Kristen reveals if she kept the silverware she took after 'best exit ever'

"Sometimes I need to be told when it’s time to go home!"

Tattoo artist Kristen Sorrenson had a short-lived experience on The Bachelors, being eliminated during the first rose ceremony last Sunday — but she made sure to make her mark, taking home a piece of memorabilia with her in an exit that viewers touted 'the best ever'.

After bidding goodbye to the other ladies and the three Bachelors — Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman — Kristen grabbed a silver platter on her way out and took it home in the limo.

"If I were to summarise my experience, I would call it an adorable little guest appearance," Kristen told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"[But] sadly, I am no longer with said silverware just like my hopes and dreams to find love on The Bachelors."

Kristen didn't nab a Bachelor, but she did nab a souvenir. Photo: Network 10
Kristen didn't nab a Bachelor, but she did nab a souvenir. Photo: Network 10

Being the relatable queen she is, Kristen said she wasn't overly surprised to be sent home on the first night.

"I am never surprised when I get sent home early. I sure do love a good time, but you just gotta know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and sometimes I need to be told when it’s time to go home!" she said.

While viewers loved her elimination antics, we didn't actually get to see which Bachelor Kristen would've had her eye on, something she let us know.


"Lukey boy was a big ol’ cutie pie!" she said. "I sure would approach him in the outside world…Luke if it doesn’t work out for you, call me 04...."

Kristen Sorrenson
Kristen Sorrenson said she's parted ways with the silverware she took from The Bachelors. Photo:

And when it came to the ladies making a name for themselves — like Lisa, the straight-shooting German who's threatened to take Wes' virginity — Kristen said the most chemistry she saw on her time during the show was amongst the ladies themselves.


"We were all getting along so well that we had comfort in knowing we were all experiencing the same feelings of nerves, excitement and the fear of the unknown," she shared.

And she doesn't regret her Bachelor experience for a second.

"Knowing now how it all worked out for me and being rejected by not one but three guys on national television at the very first rose ceremony… if you asked me if I’d do it all over again, I’d say heck yes I would! It was such a fun experience and I’m grateful for the new 23 girlfriends I now have for life."

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