The Bachelors 2023: Wesley Senna Cortes controversial 'real' job revealed

EXCLUSIVE: One of the Bachelors appears to be affiliated with a controversial church.

Brazilian-born Wesley Senna Cortes is one of the three handsome leads looking for love on this year's season of The Bachelors, which premieres on Channel 10 this Sunday night.

In promotional material from the network shared earlier this week, the 32-year-old has his job title listed as a 'theologist' - leading to fans of the show on Instagram questioning what exactly it means.

Theology is described as the systematic study of religious belief and is usually taught as an academic discipline in universities and seminaries.

Now Yahoo Lifestyle can exclusively reveal the confusion surrounding his career and the vague title of 'theologist' is because Wesley is affiliated with the often controversial Hillsong Church.

Wesley Senna Cortes is one of the three Bachelors for this season. Photo:
Wesley Senna Cortes is one of the three Bachelors for this season. Photo:

Since moving to Australia in 2014, Wesley has worked in multiple positions for Hillsong Church and Hillsong College, which states they "raise leaders" to "impact the world".


Prior to being announced as one of the Bachelors, Wesley had Hillsong tagged in all of his bios on social media, but swiftly removed these references in July when he started filming.

For the last four years, Wesley has worked as Student Acquisition and Engagement Manager and a Business Lead Team for Hillsong College. He first started as a Graphic Designer for Hillsong International Leadership College in December 2014 and then began working his way up.

Wesley Senna Cortes pictured in a Hillsong yearbook
The Bachelors' Wesley as picture in the 2018 Hillsong Yearbook. Photo:

Hillsong Church is often described as one of the most controversial churches across the globe, with an explosive documentary, The Secrets of Hillsong, earlier this year addressing a long list of allegations of misconduct including LGBTQ+ discrimination, harassment, fraud and money laundering.

It's currently unknown if Wesley still works within the Church or not after filming The Bachelors.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Channel 10 for comment.

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