The Bachelor fans applaud 'best exit ever' after premiere receives mixed reviews

"Bring Kristen back!"

Season 11 of The Bachelors premiered last night, with Aussie viewers tuning in to see another three men compete against each other in a desperate search for love or validation - which is usually what I just call a normal Saturday night in a Sydney pub.

Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman are the three leading men who feature as this year's Bachelors, and instead of having their own specific dating pool, this season looks like a free-for-all as the men compete against each other to get the ladies' attention.

With Ben establishing himself as an early grass-cutter, Luke falling in love on day one and sealing it with a balcony kiss, and Wes... existing, the rose ceremony saw a few unnamed girls go home on the first night, while one made sure to leave her mark and take home some memorabilia.

Kristen didn't nab a Bachelor, but she did nab a souvenir. Photo: Network 10
Kristen didn't nab a Bachelor, but she did nab a souvenir. Photo: Network 10

Tattoo artist Kristen Sorrenson failed to impress the Bachelors, but she did impress Bachie fans and the other ladies in the house with her exit, as she bid her farewells, encouraged everyone to come get a tattoo from her, and took a silver platter on her way out.


Fans were quick to praise her hilarious exit, despite the fact she got little screen time.

"I frikken love her!!!" one person commented.

"Bring Kristen back!" another said.

"We'll be seeing more of Kristen somewhere for sure. I hope she got to keep the plate. Awesome exit," another person said.

"The best mic drop, epic moment on this franchise when you grabbed the silverware," another person commented in reply to Kristen.

The premiere episode of The Bachelors received mixed reviews overall from fans of the franchise.

"Flicked over to Border Security," one person commented.

"Would love original with one bachelor and actual real ladies looking for Mr Right," another said.

"I stopped watching after the format was changed to 3, it just doesn’t connect with me the same way," another former fan commented.

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