The Bachelorette winner may have been revealed after major clue

Spoiler Alert: This article may reveal The Bachelorette’s winner!

After watching only one episode of the groundbreaking new season of The Bachelorette, which is making reality TV history with both male and female contestants for the very first time, viewers think the winner has already been revealed.

Fans have taken note of a very interesting detail online that often spoils the winner on a number of reality TV shows, including this year’s seasons of The Bachelor, The Voice and The Masked Singer.

Bachelorette cast at the first rose ceremony.
Fans think the winner of The Bachelorette has already been revealed. Photo: Channel Ten

While viewers can’t always rely on typical editing tricks and dress colours to reveal who will win Brooke Blurton’s heart, betting odds have become the new tell-tale sign.

For example, Bachelor Jimmy’s winner Holly Kingston was listed as the show’s frontrunner after episode one as it’s believed that the winner is often leaked to betting agencies like Sportsbet and TAB ahead of time.


Sportsbet had tipped Holly’s odds to win at $1.50 after the premiere, followed by Lily Price at $7 and Brooke Cleal at $10, while TAB forecasted Holly would win at $1.10 with Ashleigh Freckleton in second at $8 and Jacinta ‘Jay’ Lal at third with $9.

This year, both agencies have listed 27-year-old landscaper Darvid Garayeli as the clear favourite to win season seven of The Bachelorette.

Bachelorette star Darvid.
Darvid is the betting odds’ favourite to win after episode one. Photo: Channel Ten

Darvid certainly made an impression on the red carpet after arriving on a lawnmower, embracing his Persian culture by sharing tea with Brooke, and then gifting her a ‘magic lamp’.

The ‘Persian Prince’, as Brooke referred to him, is described as “driven and confident” on his 10play bio.

After episode one, Sportsbet lists Darvid’s odds of winning at $1.60, followed by returning contestant Jamie-Lee Dayz at $3.75 and Carissa Croft at $6.

On TAB, Darvid’s odds of winning are at $1.20, with Bec Pressing in second at $6 and Jamie-Lee at $7.

Jamie-Lee Dayz on The Bachelorette.
Jamie-Lee is predicted to make it to the top three. Photo: Channel Ten

While Darvid managed to score himself the coveted white rose during episode one, which guarantees him the first single date, it’s interesting to look back at similar moments in previous seasons.

The Bachelorette season one winner Sasha Mielczarek and season five winner Carlin Sterritt each received the special ‘first impression’ rose during their premieres, as well as The Bachelor season four winner Alex Nation.

Meanwhile, Angie Kent’s winner Carlin is the only winner across the Australian franchise to have received the first single date, which is often called a ‘curse’ by fans.

Time will tell if Darvid continues to charm Brooke this season, but if this teaser is anything to go by, things are about to get steamy.

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