MAFS producer's shock advice to future contestants: 'Risky'

The former casting producer also shared what she looked for in potential brides and grooms.

Married At First Sight’s explosive first episode aired on Monday night, and fans have already been shocked by new groom Harrison Boon’s scandal. After Bronte Schofield tied the knot with her seemingly perfect husband, her friend Jessica Tomlinson pulled her aside for a quick chat.

Armed with ‘receipts’ to back up her claims, Jessica told Bronte that Harrison was seeing a girl “on the outside” and was planning to get back together with her after the experiment ended. To make matters worse, she alleged that Harrison and the mystery woman had slept together the day before their wedding.

MAFS bride Bronte Schofield in tears as her sister comforts her
MAFS bride Bronte Schofield was heartbroken when she heard about Harrison Boon's scandal. Photo: Nine

A former MAFS casting producer has now opened up about working on the show and urges future brides and grooms to walk away. In a chat with 2DayFM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin, she gave her number one piece of advice.

“I’m not working as a caster anymore, but if I had to give anyone advice, I probably wouldn’t go on the show because there is always the risk that you’re going to end up with someone who’s a bit dodgy,” Maddie explained.


The former MAFS crew member added that she knew instantly that Harrison was getting a ‘villain’ edit due to the music that played as he made his appearance in episode one.

“[Producers] definitely look for a villain. I watched it last night and you heard the music that came on as he walked through the Bucks party…it was really serious. The music plays a huge role in how people are portrayed. I knew straight away, oh there you go, he’s the villain,” she said.

Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield sit at a table to have a chat
The casting producer is convinced Harrison is the 'villain' for this year's series. Photo: Nine

While viewers are under the impression that the contestants are chosen after applying for the show, Maddie revealed that casting producers also ‘scout’ potential brides and grooms.

As part of her job, she would regularly visit bars to find ‘interesting characters’, and allegedly received a ‘commission’ based on how many people she signed up. Approximately one in five single people would sign up, and she even managed to get one groom on the show from her time scouting.


Huge twist in Harrison and Bronte's relationship

The mystery woman has now been revealed as The Bachelors star Abby Miller, and while Harrison insisted to Bronte that his relationship with her was never anything serious, this isn't entirely true.

An insider close to Abby tells Yahoo Lifestyle she is “biding her time” until she can speak out because she is still under contract with The Bachelors, but she has seen him since filming ended.

The 21-year-old also shared a selfie on Instagram on Monday night following the episode alongside a simple caption with a teacup emoji, seemingly referencing that she has plenty of ‘tea’ to spill.

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