Target's $70 dupe of $525 Aje dress is sending shoppers wild: 'Almost identical'

It's possible to be stylish on a budget as one TikToker demonstrated to her followers.

A TikToker has unveiled a cheap Target dupe of designer Aje’s popular denim dress, and it will only set you back $70. Brooke Falvey, who often shares style tips and dupe alerts on social media, showed off her latest purchase – Denim Shirt Maxi Dress.

“Target have done it again,” she told her followers. “This denim dress is $70. I was walking through Target and I spotted this denim dress and at first I walked past, and then I went back, because I was like, this dress reminds me of another dress, a more expensive dress.”

L: Woman holding phone showing AJE website. R: Woman wearing target denim dress
A TikToker has shared an affordable Target dupe of a designer AJE dress. Photo: TikTok/Brooke_Falvey

The TikToker said it was “very similar” to Aje’s Colorado Denim Midi Dress, which currently retails for a whopping $525.


“Beautiful denim midi length dress, I’ve accessorised with a pair of long boots for a bit of an Autumn Winter look, some gold accessories,” she said. “It’s very similar to the Aje dress, it’s got these beautiful kind of slightly blouson sleeves here, we’ve got the gold heavy duty buttons.”

Brooke showed off the dress, describing the denim as “very soft”, calling it “mid-weight” and “not too heavy or stiff”.

“I don’t think you could go wrong if you are wanting to get into that denim dress trend… but don’t want to spend a fortune,” she added.

When one commenter pointed out that there is likely a difference in quality when it comes to the denim Aje and Target use, Brooke responded. “I completely agree – I love Aje pieces. But for those who like the style of the Aje one but don’t want to pay $525 for a denim dress this is a great alternative,” she said.

Two images of a woman modelling an AJE denim dress on a grey background
This AJE dress will set you back $525. Photo: AJE

TikTokers were shocked by how similar Target’s dupe was to Aje’s designer version, with one saying Target and Kmart have “stepped it up”.

“Looks fantastic and almost identical to the Aje dress!” another wrote.

“Target’s designer has come from Witchery hence the elevation,” a third added.

“You look fab in everything and your taste is impeccable. Thank you for sharing,” another wrote.

Two images of a woman modelling a Target dress on a grey background
This Target dress only costs $70. Photo: Target

Brooke’s video was originally posted in February, but many of her followers were disappointed as they couldn’t find the dress in any stores. The video started gaining traction in April, as people have been commenting on social media saying that they’ve spotted the dress in some Target stores.

“THIS DRESS IS BACK IN STOCK! Robina had heaps today!” one person exclaimed.


“I picked this up in Target today, too good of a bargain to leave it. Feels amazing on,” another person wrote.

“Thanks for posting this, I looked online and there were none then I went in-store and [found] one available in my size, I couldn’t believe it. It is so comfortable and flattering, I absolutely love it,” a third chimed in.

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