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Beauty buffs are raving about this award-winning facial oil: 'My skin is loving it'

It's not just for your face either.

Facial oils might sound like an extra step in your already complicated skincare routine, but get the right one and it can replace a multitude of products. That's why beauty lovers can't get enough of The Jojoba Company's Australian Jojoba, which has just taken home the award for Best Facial Oil in the Mamamia You Beauty Awards 2024.

"I wake up feeling moisturised after applying at night, and again throughout the day after my morning application," says one beauty buff. "It is non-greasy, locks in moisture and my skin is loving it," agrees another. "It really is amazing."

The Jojoba Company's Australian Jojoba
The Jojoba Company's Australian Jojoba has won Best Facial Oil in the Mamamia You Beauty Awards 2024.

Derived from Australia's signature Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, the oil, $19.95, is known for its superior healing properties. Hydrating and nourishing, you can use it on your skin, hair and nails, or mix it with your moisturiser, conditioner or face mask. It can also be used to soothe sunburn and nourish dry patches, scars and stretch marks. It's also great as a lip oil, makeup remover, to help cradle cap in babies, and as a beard oil.

Rich in vitamins A, D and E, and omegas 6 and 9, it's clinically proven to provide up to eight hours of moisturisation for the skin. It's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic and doesn't have a strong fragrance.

The Jojoba Company Facial Oil
The Jojoba Company oil has a multitude of uses. Photo: Supplied

It's so effective because although Jojoba looks and feels like an oil, it is actually a liquid wax ester. Wax esters hold a similar molecular structure to the oils naturally found in our skin. This means when we use Jojoba, our body becomes more receptive to vital nutrients and antioxidants in it.


The Jojoba Company was founded by Aussie Vicki Engsall after spending two years trying to conceive. When a fertility naturopath suggested she cut out as many chemicals as possible from her life, she turned to jojoba oil in her beauty routine; the all-natural product made her skin feel amazing. Once she fell pregnant, she continued to use the oil on her stretch marks, and then on her baby when he was born.

Coincidentally, Vicki's dad, who was a farmer in NSW, told her he'd just grown his first crop of jojoba, alongside his rice, barley and wheat. She realised she could bottle it, and share it with others who could benefit from its properties.

Jojoba oil in carafe
The Jojoba Company's jojoba is grown on a farm in NSW. Photo: Supplied

Vicki's dad's farm in the Riverina region of southwestern New South Wales has become the hub of the Jojoba Company and is maintained to the highest ethical and sustainable standards.

It's now the last Jojoba farm in Australia and grows over 80 hectares of the purest Wadi-Wadi Jojoba.

The Jojoba Company uses jojoba in all its products, including cleansers, exfoliants, serums, eye creams and face masks.

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