ABC host hilariously roasted by weatherman: 'Uncalled for'

ABC News Breakfast host Michael Rowland has hilariously called out weatherman Nate Byrne over an "awful" sledge.

The host revealed the sledge to his co-host Nour Haydar, finance reporter Nadia Daly and sports reporter Tony Armstrong as he went to throw to the weather report.

"Let's check the weather ... Oh, I forgot I had Tony here," Michael said.

"Hey, I'm happy not to do this ... if we want to go to the weather," Tony joked.

He continued: "Oh, no, I don't think Nate's there so we can't."

Michael then told his co-hosts he copped an "awful" sledge from Nate.

Michael Rowland (left) and Nour Haydar (right).
Michael Rowland (left) was sledged by weatherman Nate Byrne. Source: ABC

"What did he say?" Tony quizzed.

"He basically said I looked as though I was 90 years old, not basically, he actually did say that," Michael responded.

Nadia then said "that's uncalled for" before Michael thanked her and agreed.


"I've just been on the phone to my lawyers, taking it further," he joked.

"HR and my lawyers, I'll see you in court Byrne."

The sledge comes after ABC News Breakfast stars were mocked over a hilarious wardrobe mishap.

Last Wednesday viewers noticed the presenters were all wearing pink, pointing out the iconic Mean Girls quote "On Wednesdays we wear pink".

ABC News Breakfast hosts all wearing pink on-air.
ABC News Breakfast stars show off their pink outfits. Source: ABC

Referencing the hit film, ABC News Breakfast tweeted a video of the hosts addressing the issue with the caption, "We promise we were not trying to make pink happen. But today (on Wednesday) we wore pink. How fetch is our team this morning?"

Fans lost it on Twitter over the hilarious wardrobe gaffe, with many saying the segment was "fun".

"That was fun. Loved all the pink, especially the jacket," one said.

"Looking good guys," another commented.

"Total team dressing," a third added.

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