Sunrise's Sam Mac reveals X-rated painting of his co-star: 'Masterpiece'

Sunrise presenter Matt Shirvington was left speechless on Friday morning after the breakfast show’s weatherman Sam Mac presented him with an X-rated painting of himself.

During a visit to an art class in Penrith, Sam set the students a challenge to paint either Matt or his co-host Natalie Barr in just 30 minutes.

Sunrise’s Sam Mac, Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington.
Sunrise’s Sam Mac presented Matt Shirvington with an X-rated painting of himself. Photos: Channel Seven

“The results will astound you,” Sam remarked. “Luckily you’re not easily offended”.

As he walked around the room, Sam shared hilarious commentary about the various artworks of Nat and Matt.

“Hey Nat, remember when you were on Married At First Sight and they performed that exorcism on you?” he joked while referring to a painting where Nat has enormous red lips.

“This one is of course Natalie in the Netflix series where they discover the bodies under your house, beautifully captured,” he laughed about another slightly creepy-looking portrait.


While there were a few paintings portraying Matt during his sprinting career, the final artwork presented was rather X-rated.

“There’s one more which I haven’t shown yet, and I’m not even sure if I can show this,” Sam said with hesitancy. “Oh screw it, it’s Friday.”

The camera then panned to show a portrait of Matt in his revealing lycra outfit from the 1998 Commonwealth Games with his bulge on full display.

Sunrise’s Sam Mac with an X-rated painting of Matt Shirvington
The painting portrayed Matt in his revealing Commonwealth Games outfit. Photo: Channel Seven


“This is the final masterpiece,” Sam remarked as Matt and Nat were sent into hysterics and covered their mouths from laughing.

When asked for the inspiration behind the piece, the artist explained that she really wanted to capture “a lycra moment”.


“I mean, anyone who watched the Olympics knows we’ve seen his pino,” Sam said as the show’s hosts continued to giggle.

After the clip was shared on social media, the comments section was quickly flooded with laughing emojis.

“Who doesn’t remember!” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “I love a good pino!”

“Friggin hilarious,” a third remarked. “Go Shirvo - I’d be buying the painting if I was you and hanging it above my bed!”

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