Sunrise star reveals surprising X-rated moment during ad break: 'Busy'

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Sunrise host Nat Barr has lifted the lid on what really happens during the show’s commercial breaks and shared a surprisingly X-rated moment from Monday morning’s episode.

After reporting on the meet and greet with popular Australian TikToker and OnlyFans creator Anna Paul that had to be shut down in Perth on Sunday, Nat's colleague Mark Beretta had some questions about the adult subscription-based platform.

Sunrise stars talking at Brekky Central while Edwina Bartholomew looks shocked.
Sunrise’s Nat Barr told viewers about an X-rated moment that happened during the ad break. Photo: Channel Seven

“If you ever wonder what we talk about in the ad breaks, Beretts hadn’t heard of OnlyFans,” she told viewers.

“Because of course, we were talking about the TikTok star who almost caused a riot in Perth. Now he knows.”

“Good to catch up, thank you,” Mark replied.


However, the sports reporter had plenty of other questions he wanted answers to and quickly turned to the internet.

“And then he got onto Googling how you pee in space, female and male,” Nat continued.

“It’s been a busy break, a lot covered off,” Mark said.

Edwina Bartholomew then chimed in and took a playful dig at her colleague, saying: “Probably don’t check the rest of his browsing history while we’re at it.”

Sunrise's Mark Beretta laughing.
‘Probably don’t check the rest of his browsing history while we’re at it.’ Photo: Channel Seven

‘Can you be fired that?’

The team burst into laughter at that point, with Mark giving a big shrug to the camera and Nat putting her head down while she giggled.

“Certainly our digital team will be looking at that, and our HR,” David ‘Kochie’ Koch added.

“Can you be fired for that? You can’t be fired, can you?” Mark asked.

“No, not when you declare it on TV,” Nat laughed, to which he responded, “Good, I’m safe!”.

‘Daggy dad dance moves’

The hilarious on-air moment comes shortly after Mark was mercilessly mocked online over a video of him dancing in Brekky Central.

The breakfast program shared a clip on Instagram of the veteran reporter grooving into the weekend with some of the Sunrise crew alongside the caption: “Mark Beretta has Friday feels and it's spreading fast.”

Fans praised Mark for making them "smile" while others took it as an opportunity to tease the popular presenter.

“Looks like everyone is getting ready for cross country skiing,” one person joked, while another added, “Looks like a slow motion run”.

“Daggy dad dance moves,” a third teased, followed by someone else who wrote, "Ultimate dad dancing”.

Mark, however, clearly has a lot of fans, with one calling him an “absolute legend”.

“Always happy and positive,” the fan added, with a different user replying, “Thanks for bringing happiness to us in the morning”.

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