Sunrise star Mark Beretta roasted over new video: 'Daggy'

Fans have mercilessly mocked Sunrise star Mark Beretta after a video emerged of him dancing in the studio.

The breakfast program shared the video on Instagram of the veteran sports reporter grooving into the weekend with some of the Sunrise crew.

"Mark Beretta has Friday feels and it's spreading fast," a caption on the video says.

Dancing to a remix of Lewis Capaldi's Someone You Loved, Mark sways side to side while punching his arms out in front of him.

Mark Beretta dances in the Sunrise studio.
Mark Beretta was mocked for his 'ultimate dad' dance moves. Source: Instagram

Fans praised Mark for making them "smile" while others took it as an opportunity to tease the popular presenter.

"Looks like everyone is getting ready for cross country skiing," one joked.

"Cool dancer," another fan wrote next to a laughter emoji.

"Looks like a slow motion run," a third added.

"Daggy dad dance moves," somebody else teased while another wrote, "Ultimate dad dancing".


Mark, however, clearly has a lot of fans, with one calling him an "absolute legend".

"Always happy and positive," the fan added.

"Thanks for bringing happiness to us in the morning," another commented.

"You're the best, love your rhythm," a third said.

Mark isn't the only Sunrise star roasted for their dancing, with host David 'Kochie' Koch recently savaged over a throwback video of him showing off his moves.

Viewers poked fun at the host after the program aired a 2014 video of him performing INXS’ hit song Never Tear Us Apart live in the studio.

The resurfaced clip, which was featured on the breakfast program last week to celebrate 45 years of the iconic Australian rock band, shows Kochie wearing aviator sunglasses while singing over the track and performing his best dance moves for the camera.

“That is really bad, painful to even watch,” one person shared, while another added, “It’s just wrong”.

“God you killed a great song,” a different user remarked, with another writing, “Thanks guys now I need therapy”.

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