Sunrise hosts shocked as on-air stunt goes wrong: 'Pray for me'

Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and David Koch were left shocked on Monday morning after their weather presenter performed a daring on-air stunt that didn't go to plan.

Katie Brown, who is standing in for weather presenter Sam Mac while he is on paternity leave, dressed in three pairs of overalls and goggles and revealed she was going to be pulled along the ground by a car at the Australian Stunt Academy.

As she held on to a strap dangling behind the car, Katie looked nervous as she said "pray for me" and told her mum and dad she loved them.

Sunrise weather presenter Katie Brown gets pulled along the ground by a car.
Katie Brown said she was not supposed to turn onto her back during the stunt. Source: Sunrise

The car then takes off and the presenter yells, "Woo, oh my God".

As the car picks up speed, Katie screams as she then flips over onto her back.

"I'm not supposed to go on my back," she can be heard yelling as Nat covers her mouth in the studio while Kochie watches on with a surprised expression.


When the car comes to a halt, Katie is breathless and gives the camera a thumbs up.

Kochie then said, "She doesn't know what to say", before Nat said they better give her a couple of minutes.

Katie then informs the host she had a wedgie but had three sets of overalls on.

"I just got pulled in the mud on national TV," she adds.

Nat Barr and David Koch with shocked expressions in the Sunrise studio.
Nat Barr and David Koch were shocked as they watched on from the studio. Source: Sunrise

Sunrise fans praised the stand-in weather presenter on Instagram, saying the segment was "fantastic".

"You're the best Katie, such a bubbly personality," one wrote.

"Fantastic Katie, you're on fire girl," another said.

"You have to be nuts as a weather person on Sunrise!!" a third said before adding they were worried for her during the segment.

The presenter however informed the hosts she was fine and had the correct protective gear on the perform the stunt.

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