Sunrise's Nat Barr shocked by Sam Mac's gross on-air act

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Sunrise host Nat Barr was left cringing on Wednesday morning over weatherman Sam Mac's disgusting attempt to get a kiss from a llama.

Sam was doing his usual weather report on the brekky program when he tried to give the llama a kiss. The animal however pulled away as Sam got closer with his puckered lips.

"This is my first llama kiss,” the weatherman said as he leaned in.

“Was I just rejected by a llama?” he was then heard saying after the llama did not reciprocate.

Determined to get his first llama kiss, Sam went to great lengths later in the program to make it happen.

The llama farm caregiver revealed he was holding llama poo, and Sam gave it a good sniff before announcing there was "no smell at all".

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac rubs llama poo on his neck.
Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac went to 'extreme lengths' to get a kiss. Source: Sunrise

“So they can smell it but humans can’t?” Sam confirmed with the caregiver.

Before then leaning in for round two, Sam grabbed the poo pellets and rubbed them on his neck in an attempt to woo the animal.

“If I put a little bit of that, maybe like a bit of a perfume, this might help with Ringo (the llama),” he said as he rubbed the pellets on his neck.

"This is going to get the first kiss, here we go."

The llama however rejected Sam's advances again.


The camera then cut to Nat in the studio looking absolutely stunned by his act while others could be heard groaning in disgust.

Sunrise posted a video of the segment on Instagram, saying Sam went to "extreme lengths" to get a kiss.

Fans commented on the post, calling his surprising weather report "hilarious".

"That's so funny," one said.

"You need treats Sam next time," another advised.

"Hilarious – especially the poo perfume," a third added.

Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and David Koch looking grossed out.
Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and David Koch were grossed out by the weatherman's act. Source: Sunrise

Sam's latest antics come after he left viewers in stitches as he was hooked up to some electrodes to give him a taste of what labour is like.

As Sam struggled through the pain, he was informed the severity was only a one out of 10 of what labour is really like.

"Is my face going red?" he asked.

"You're sweating a lot," David Koch responded from back in the studio.

Sam then started to scream, "I can feel it, I can feel it", before he yelled, "Women are superior".

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