Sunrise producer reveals 'crazy' breakfast TV schedule: 'Illegal'

Sunrise producer Isla Stanich has opened up about the ‘hard’ reality of working on the breakfast show. Her day begins while most people are still sleeping, with a 1:45am alarm kickstarting her morning.

In a TikTok shared on the Sunrise account, she took fans through her morning routine. “This is when I hype myself up and start getting ready. Good morning,” she told fans, before leaving the house at 2:10am to drive to work.

Two shots of Sunrise producer Isla Stanich taking selfie videos
Sunrise producer Isla Stanich has revealed the 'hard' part of working on the show. Photo: TikTok/sunriseon7

“What I love about being on the road at this time is there’s no cars, so you can get anywhere really fast,” she exclaimed, before arriving at Brekky Central.

The show doesn’t kick off until 5:30am, so Isla uses the morning to ‘get her head around’ any breaking stories and checks for Hollywood news.


At 5:19am, the producer grabs a second coffee and heads to the control room where she sits during the broadcast. Her role is important and includes talking to reporters on standby throughout the show.

The part of the day that Isla looks forward to the most comes during the broadcast when one of her colleagues delivers her third coffee of the day.

“Best part of the morning, just kidding,” she quips, before whispering: “But kind of not.”

L: Isla Stanich in the car. R: Isla Stanich talking to reporters on Sunrise in the control room
The producer has to leave her house at 2:10am in the morning. Photo: TikTok/sunriseon7

Once the show wraps at 9.00 am, the producer isn’t done for the day. She continues working on stories for the next morning, before finally finishing up at 12.00pm.

Fans couldn’t believe how early Isla gets up in the morning and how quick her daily routine is.

“Wakes up at 1:47am and is out of the house by 2:10am?! Takes me that long just to get out of bed,” a fan wrote.

“This is amazing to see what goes on behind the scenes! 1:47am wake up though. That’s commitment!” a second added.

“Wow props to you sister that looks horrible, and should be illegal to get up that early,” another remarked.


Others asked Isla to share her nighttime routine, and she revealed that she has dinner around 2:00pm to 3:00pm, and starts to get ready for bed at 3:40pm.

L: Isla Stanich putting blinds up. R: Isla Stanich wearing sunglasses
Isla has to block sunlight in the afternoon so she can sleep early. Photo: TikTok/sunriseon7

She has to ‘trick her mind’ into thinking the sun is setting, so she uses special Swaddle Shop blackout blinds and wears sunglasses before getting an early night. She’s usually in bed at 5:00pm and falls asleep within half an hour.

A Sunrise fan called it a ‘crazy job’, while another said Isla ‘needed her own reality show’.

“Not for the faint hearted, love that!” commented a fan.

“Dedicating your life that much to a job. If she didn’t like her job then it’d be hell. Whole job revolves around your schedule and routine,” another pointed out.

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