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Get salon-quality hair at home with this bespoke colouring kit

Colouring your hair can be costly in more ways than one. Not only is going to the hairdresser for root touch-ups every six weeks seriously pricey, but it's also time-consuming and the harsh chemicals can be bad for both your hair and the environment.

Enter MIIROKO; a gentle home hair colour kit that allows you to access professional-grade colours and tools wherever you live.

Whether you're blending greys, refreshing old colour or toning blonde hair, MIIROKO has the perfect natural shade to maintain your locks without having to go to a salon.

Woman with curly hair coloured with MIIROKO products
Learn how to colour your hair effectively with MIIROKO's home hair colour kits. Photo: MIIROKO

MIIROKO even provides free expert advice to help you select the right shade from a range of over 2,000 colours and guide you through applying it.

Once you've chosen the right colour, your product is boxed up, along with everything you need to apply it properly, and delivered to your doorstep. Then, you simply follow the step-by-step video instructions, including tailored details and timings so your hair gets the best treatment possible.


The kits are reusable and eco-friendly, and after your first order, you can buy refills to reduce plastic waste.

The initial kit is $60, with refill kits just $45 each. Choose to either buy the kit as a one-off or if you know you'll need to touch up your roots after a few weeks, set a personal subscription schedule to have refills delivered every four to 12 weeks, 100% hassle-free.

MIIROKO hair products
Get salon-quality tools and hair colour delivered to your door with MIIROKO. Photo: MIIROKO

MIIROKO is an Australian business, created by ex-hairdresser Claire Saito.

Frustrated with the home hair colour solutions that contained harsh chemicals, she decided to provide a more sustainable solution that was easy to use. She spent three years creating a salon-grade formula that's gentle on both hair and the environment.

Claire Saito holding MIIROKO hair care products
Claire Saito founded MIIROKO after becoming frustrated with home hair colour options that were difficult to use and bad for the environment. Photo: MIIROKO

The result is a vegan hair colour that's free from harsh chemicals such as ammonia and PPD, and enriched with conditioning agents including green tea, aloe extract and jojoba oil, to give results that last four to six weeks.

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