Sunrise star praised for 'hilarious' Kath & Kim impression: 'Nailed it'

Sunrise star Monique Wright has been praised on social media for her ‘spot-on’ impression of Kath Day-Knight from Kath & Kim.

In a video posted to the breakfast program’s Instagram account this week, the TV presenter is shown recreating some of Kath’s iconic moves on the dance floor.

Sunrise’s Monique Wright / Kath Day Knight.
Sunrise’ Monique Wright recreated Kath Day Knight’s iconic dance moves. Photos: Channel Seven

Monique throws her pink purse off-camera before energetically performing a number of unique steps originated by Kath, who is played by comedian Jane Turner.

The clip also uses audio from Kath & Kim’s memorable appearance at the 2004 Logie Awards where they sang ‘Lady Bump’ by Penny McLean.


A number of followers were quick to take to the comments to praise Monique’s efforts, including Sonia Kruger who said her moves were “10/10”.

“Nailed it,” one fan shared, followed by another who added, “This has made my day!”.

“This is why we love you Monique,” a third remarked, with someone else writing, “Mon, you are the best on Sunrise. You take it to a whole new level”.

“This makes me proud we named our daughter Monique,” a different user laughed, while another joked that she should go on Dancing With The Stars.

Sunrise’s Monique Wright dancing.
Sunrise fans praised Monique’s moves and said she ‘nailed it’. Photos: Channel Seven

Kath & Kim reunion

The video, which has already racked up over 80,000 views, was created to help promote Channel Seven’s upcoming TV special, Kath & Kim: Out Effluent Life.

It was announced last month that the iconic Australian series would return for a two-part television event, which will include both new and retrospective footage.


“Foxy lady Kath Day-Knight and hornbag daughter Kim Craig (nee Day) will mark their 20th anniversary across two ‘yuge’ nights, joined by hunk-of-spunk Kel Knight, pants man Brett Craig, Kim’s second-best friend Sharon Strzelecki, and the very greyyyssshhh… Prue and Trude,” the network wrote on social media.

Kath & Kim: Our Effluent Life will air November 20 and November 21 on Channel Seven.

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