Sunrise's Kochie and Mel's touching reunion on air: 'Bring her back'

Sunrise viewers were shocked when former host Melissa Doyle joined David ‘Kochie’ Koch on Thursday morning.

This was the first time the pair have been reunited on the Sunrise set since Melissa departed the show in 2013.

Sunrise host Kochie smiles with former host Melissa Doyle while on set
Sunrise host Kochie was reunited with former host Melissa Doyle on Thursday. Photo: Instagram/melissadoyleofficial

Guest host Kylie Gillies gave her a warm welcome, saying that Melissa is ‘used to sitting in this very seat’.

The TV personality was interviewed by the Sunrise hosts about her exciting return to Seven as the host of This Is Your Life.

“Did you find your way to the studio? You didn’t get lost?” Kylie quipped, making the hosts burst into laughter.

“I knocked on the door!” Melissa replied.


Kochie was excited to catch up with his former co-host, and the pair had a touching reunion.

“How’s your life, bring us up to date! Cause Nick’s all grown up, and he’s at college in the US?” he asked Melissa.

“He is, he’s 21, he’s actually just heading over…to Italy to cox the woman’s four for the under-23 world championships for Australia,” she started.

“Tully’s 18, and she’s at first year Uni, she towers over me, I’m the little one in the family,” she joked.

Kochie reminded viewers that both of Melissa’s children were born while she was co-hosting Sunrise.

“Everyone knows them, they’ve known them since they were tiny little babies.

“It’s nice to come and see you guys,” she gushed.

Melissa also touched on the This Is Your Life reboot, saying that people need a “feel good, warm, nostalgic” show, before adding that it will feel like a “warm hug”.

The first guest to appear on the show will be Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe, with episode one airing Sunday at 7pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Melissa, Kylie and Kochie sit on the set of Sunrise
Melissa was on the show to talk about This Is Your Life. Photo: Seven

Fans were stunned to see Melissa back on Sunrise, and were quick to make their feelings clear.

“Bring her back,” one wrote, while another added: “Can’t wait till Sunday.”

“Don’t watch Sunrise since you left, but I [watched] this morning to see you,” another person commented.

“Congratulations, Melissa. I’m so excited that you will be returning to the Seven Network. You will be fabulous on This Is Your Life,” a fan chimed in.

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