Sunrise's Sam Mac shares hilarious $1 Kmart find

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac has had a hilarious response after he discovered Kmart had priced his memoir at a very low price.

Sam posted a TikTok video of himself in a park as he received a text from a friend showing his book, Accidental Weatherman, scanning up at Kmart for a measly $1.

"Life was good until I got the message my book had been reduced to $1," he said in his video.

After he took a "moment of contemplation", he said he needed to get to the nearest Kmart to discover what they valued more than his book.

"The results were confronting," he said.

Sam Mac and a Kmart register showing his book scanning up for $1.
Sam Mac had a hilarious response after learning Kmart priced his book at $1. Source: TikTok

The weatherman discovered the discount department store sold a pet food scoop for $6, a padlock for $7, and novelty glasses for $2.

"What sort of loser would pay that for novelty glasses? I was rattled," he said.

"But there had to be more to the story."

Sam then asked an employee with a trolley if they contained a new shipment of Sam Mac's book Accidental Weatherman, before the confused worker said, "No".


"Even the book section was confronting," he said as he pushed over a copy of Will Smith's biography, priced at $22.

He stopped to enjoy the songs played in the Kmart store before he continued his hunt for items valued higher than his book.

He then found a packet of TicTacs valued at $2, which he purchased from the store with the help of a cashier.

"Twice the value of my book," he told the worker, before he said he "learnt the painful truth".

"My book, my life, my story is worth half a packet of TicTacs. Thanks, Kmart," he said.

The weatherman added it wasn't all bad, and filmed himself picking up a 75-cent Curly Wurly.

"In your face Curly Wurly, I'm worth more than you," he said as he mocked the chocolate bar.

Fans praised Sam for his hilarious response, with many saying it was "priceless".

"I'm crying watching this," one said.

"I'm so sorry," another commented.

"[To be honest] I don't know who you are but I feel like buying your book now," a third added.

Sam is well known for his hilarious antics and taking jabs at Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and David Koch.

During a recent visit to a top-secret gold refinery, he took a swipe at Kochie over his salary.

Standing in front of $30 million worth of gold bars, Sam said: "So next time Kochie signs off on his annual salary, this is what they bring into the boardroom."

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