Sunrise host's embarrassing gaffe live on air: 'What a loser!’

Sunrise guest host Kylie Gillies made a huge mistake during the broadcast on Wednesday morning, leaving the star completely mortified.

At 5:40am, reporter Sally Bowrey was reading the news when a loud phone alarm went off — and Kylie was the culprit.

Sunrise hosts Kylie Gillies and David Kochie Koch sit at the desk, Kylie is looking at a phone.
Sunrise guest host Kylie Gillies was mortified when her phone went off during the broadcast. Photo: Seven

In a hilarious behind-the-scenes video, Kylie told followers that she normally wakes up at 5:40am for her regular job hosting The Morning Show.

“My alarm went off on the Sunrise desk at 5:40 while we were on air. Big mistake, I’m usually asleep,” she joked.

David ‘Kochie’ Koch decided to tell viewers about the moment, and the hosts had a laugh at Kylie’s expense.

“We all heard it, it was in the middle of the news. We’re all awake now,” Sally told the host.


“How embarrassing, look, the phone was turned to silent, but who knew your alarm could still go off?” Kylie admitted.

“Everyone knows that! Like literally, everyone knows that Kylie,” Sally laughed.

Kylie Gillies holds her phone and laughs while Kochie looks on
The star was so embarrassed by her big mistake. Photo: Seven

After the video was shared on Instagram, Kylie couldn’t help but continue to poke fun at herself.

“Love how you all knew it was me!!! What a loser! 5:40am is when I usually wake up for The Morning Show. Not used to such an EARLY start!” she wrote.

Fans quickly came to support the host, and many even shared similar experiences.

“I found that out during a funeral service,” one person commented.

“I discovered this about five years ago at the movies, most embarrassing,” another added.

“I was on a flight once and there was an alarm going off…I finally realised it was my phone in my bag. Who knew that having it in silent didn’t stop the alarm?” a third chimed in.

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