Sunrise's Sam Mac roasted by viewer in scathing letter

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac has fired back at a critic who questioned his work ethic in a scathing letter.

The letter appeared in Adelaide’s Sunday Mail, and the TV personality took great delight in sharing it on social media.

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac responded to an irate viewer. Photo: Seven & Instagram/sammacinsta
Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac responded to an irate viewer. Photo: Seven & Instagram/sammacinsta

“I had to smile when Sunrise’s Sam Mac recently said he’d had a fantastic week,” Neill Woodcraft wrote to the paper. “Well of course he would say that after being in the Hunter Valley all week. But what does he actually do?”

“It seems to me very little, except for giving the weather temperatures and telling viewers if it’s going to be raining or sunny. Not a bad job: getting paid while enjoying free accommodation, meals and, I presume, airfares.

“I’d like to know what he does for the rest of the day,” he wrote.


The breakfast TV star penned a hilarious response on Instagram which was applauded by fans.

“Hello Neill from Woodcroft, & thank you for your enquiry. I must commend you on your accurate summary of may role as a Weatherman, ie telling people the weather. Well spotted Sir. You got me,” he began.

“When I’m not basking in the glory of free accommodation, meals & airfares, I like to spend the rest of the day partaking in my favourite hobbies…

“Stone skipping, latin dancing, managing the anxiety of having to decide which jar to put my local matters bottle top in at Grill’d, collecting navel fluff, breakfast tv cosplay (aka “Kochplay”), beatboxing, downloading podcasts I have no intention listening to, quilting, learning national anthems on the flute & if there’s anytime left over, I like to write snide letters to my local newspapers.

“How about you Neill? What do YOU do for the rest of the day? Sincerely, Sam.”

On Tuesday morning, Sam told the Sunrise hosts about the letter and got a surprising response.

“A guy named Neill, with two Ls, from Woodcroft in South Australia wrote a letter in the Sunday Mail asking ‘what does that weatherman do for the rest of his day’,” Sam explained.

“He thinks I’m just on holiday, he thinks I’m just having a laugh, but as you guys know — I do the hard yards!”

David ‘Kochie’ Koch then said he agreed with Neill, joking: “Neill is very perceptive. We get you Neill.”

“Neill is all of us,” Natalie Barr added.

Sam then wondered if the hosts were behind the letter and quipped, “Is your pen name Neill?’

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