Sunrise's Sam Mac surprises girlfriend with unique gift: 'Brilliant'

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Sunrise’s Sam Mac has presented his girlfriend Rebecca James with a very unusual gift.

Sharing his speech from Rebecca’s baby shower, the weatherman started off with some hilarious swipes at his partner.

L: Selfie of Rebecca James holding a phone to her stomach, with Sunrise star Sam Mac looking surprised. R: Sam Mac carries a white box
Sunrise star Sam Mac has given an unconventional gift to his pregnant partner. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

“I don’t want to criticise, but if there’s one thing, she’s been very lazy. Not been able to lift anything heavy,” he quipped, before adding that she hasn’t even cleared their gutters.

In a sweet move, the weatherman then revealed he’d been scheming with Baker’s Delight to make Rebecca her dream present.

A white, circular box was delivered to the mum-to-be, and she looked overjoyed when she found a gigantic cheesymite scroll inside.


Pulling the present out of the box, she compared the size of the bun to her very pregnant belly.

Sam claims his gift is the ‘world’s largest cheesymite scroll,’ and gave fans a look into how Baker’s Delight made the bun.

L: Rebecca James holds a piece of a cheesymite scroll. R: Rebecca James holds a gigantic cheesymite scroll to her belly
The gigantic cheesymite scroll was a hit with Rebecca. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

Sharing a screenshot of his direct messages with Baker’s Delight, the company says that the scroll is approximately 38cm wide by 25cm high.

People were shocked at how big the baked good was, with fans labelling it 'brilliant' and ‘unbelievable’.

“I hope baby’s first birthday is a cheesymite scroll and this becomes a tradition. P.S…please propose with a cheesymite scroll if and when you ever propose,” wrote a fan.

“Omg! So good!! You two are the best couple!!” added another.

“GOLD!!! Best surprise ever!! What a super dad you are going to be,” a third chimed in.

L: Nat Barr and Kochie laugh while on Sunrise. R: Sam Mac screams in pain.
Sam recently had a meltdown on Sunrise. Photo: Seven

Sam’s meltdown live on-air

This comes after Sam got to experience first-hand what going into labour feels like.

Lyz Evans, from Women in Focus Physiotherapy, strapped some electrodes to Sam's stomach to give him a taste of what labour is like, while Rebecca watched on in delight.

Sam was obviously nervous as Lyz used the electrodes to ramp up the pain, with Sam then starting to melt down as the fake contractions began.

"Now I can feel it. OK, so what it is is, oh, so it was like someone was sort of hitting me," he said.

"But now it's kind of just like I feel like I've touched a barbed wire fence but only [with my stomach]. "

As Sam struggled through the pain, Lyz informed him the severity was only a one out of 10 of what labour is really like.

"Is my face going red?" he asked.

"I can actually feel tears starting to come out of my eyes a little," he told the Sunrise hosts.

Sam then started to scream, "I can feel it, I can feel it", before he yelled, "Women are superior".

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