Sunrise's Nat Barr embarrassed by unearthed secret: 'Keep trying'

The Brekky Central host visited her childhood home in Bunbury.

Sunrise star Natalie Barr was left red-faced when she visited her mum Julie in her childhood home. The star, 54, has been showcasing her home state Western Australia on the breakfast show for the last few days.

David ‘Kochie’ Koch introduced the segment, teasing that viewers had some ‘surprises’ to find out about his co-host. Nat turned up at the family home in the small town of Bunbury, where her mum has been living for the past 52 years.

L: Sunrise star Nat Barr grimaces while smiling. R: Rejection letter Nat Barr received in 1987
Sunrise star Nat Barr shared her Channel Seven rejection letter from 1987. Photo: Seven

Julie was overjoyed to be reunited with her daughter and the pair took a trip down memory lane. Looking through old photos of their family, a snap of her two sons Lachlan and Hunter with their grandmother made Nat feel sentimental.

“Oh and the two boys,” she said while picking up the framed photo. “Look at how little they were!”

“See look, this is a milk moustache. Now he’s got a real one!” she exclaimed.


The most revealing part of Nat’s visit came when the pair decided to delve through Nat’s old school reports and job applications.

Looking at her old HSC results, the star was taken aback when she realised how badly she had done at school.

Nat Barr and her mum Julie in her childhood home
The star went down memory lane with her mum Julie. Photo: Seven

“I did not do well in history…oh okay, and politics. I almost failed maths. Oh well,” she said, while reading the report.

Her mum replied with a cheeky dig, saying: “That wasn’t surprising.”

Suddenly, Nat came across an entire pile of rejection letters from different news outlets, including one from Channel Seven.

“Oh look at this, this is my rejection letter from Channel Seven in 1987! Channel Seven Perth,” she exclaimed.

“It’s well worth keeping,” her mum laughed.

A rejection letter Nat Barr received from Sunrise in 1987
The letter the Sunrise host received back in 1987. Photo: Seven

The short typed letter informed the star that there weren’t any “suitable positions” at Channel Seven, but said they would keep her details on file for anything in the future.

The pile of paperwork that Julie had stored from the ‘80s included rejections from the ABC, The Western Mail and the Sunday Times. “Keep trying kids, that’s the lesson here!” Nat told viewers, before bursting into laughter.


The Sunrise hosts were delighted by Nat’s story, with Kochie praising her “genuine persistence”.

“There was a pile of them. Basically every television network, radio station and newspaper in the entire state of Western Australia rejected me,” Nat admitted.

"I shouldn't be saying that," she quipped.

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