Sunrise fans praise Monique Wright and Mark Beretta: 'Don't go'

The Sunrise stars delighted fans with their goofy dance.

Sunrise hosts David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Natalie Barr are currently on holiday until Monday 16 January, with fill-in hosts Monique Wright, Mark Beretta and Edwina Bartholomew entertaining viewers in the meantime. Fans have gone wild for a hilarious Instagram video starring Monique and Mark, lip-syncing to Are You Having Any Fun by Elaine Stritch while dancing with other members of the team.

Monique and Mark went all out with the dance number and weren’t afraid to make fools of themselves. The pair shimmied their way across the Brekky Central set enthusiastically.

L: Sunrise star Monique Wright. R: Sunrise star Mark Beretta
Sunrise fans were delighted by Monique Wright and Mark Beretta's goofy dance. Photo: Seven

The social media clip has racked up almost 20,000 views and hundreds of comments. Many fans begged the pair to stay on permanently, saying they will miss seeing them on weekday mornings.

“Sunrise has been so good, plenty of laughs the last few weeks. A pleasure to watch,” one fan commented.

“Please don’t leave us. This has been the best Sunrise team in a long time,” another added.


“Monique’s ability of conversation when interviewing is so refreshing to listen to,” a third chimed in.

“PLEASE DON’T GO. Can’t the station change you two to the weekdays and Kochie and Nat to the weekend,” a fan pleaded.

Others didn’t hold back, slating Kochie and Nat’s 'stale' hosting style upon their impending return.

“Awww back to boring, back to drab,” one fan lamented.

“Again, this needs to be the ongoing A Team…don’t bring back Kochie and Nat,” another suggested.

“Such a great team, wish they were full time I’m going to miss them, glad I’m back to work don’t have to tolerate Nat and Kochie too long!! They seriously have to loosen up and stop taking themselves so seriously,” a third added.

“Now if there’s any doubt how much viewers have enjoyed you guys the last few weeks…the comments on here pretty much sum it up. You guys are the A team,” a viewer pointed out.

Natalie Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch on the Sunrise set
Nat and Kochie aren't popular on social media. Photo: Seven


The show’s social media producer has been teasing Nat and Kochie’s return on social media this week, sharing a video on Facebook and snap on Instagram.

However, the network seems to be aware that the Sunrise hosts aren’t very popular on social media, as they turned comments off on both posts.

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