Coles divides with 'disgusting' hot cross bun flavour: 'Gone too far'

Some customers have described the new buns as 'revolting' and 'disgusting'.

Coles has just announced a new range of hot cross buns that have arrived in stores, including exciting new flavours such as Red Velvet and Carrot Cake. However, there’s one savoury flavour that has ruffled some feathers.

The new Coles Special Burger Sauce flavour, inspired by their popular condiment, has sparked furious debate amongst shoppers. While some have labelled it “amazing”, others have slammed the retailer for being “desperate” to attract customers.

L: Coles store R: Savoury Burger Sauce Hot Cross Buns
Coles have just announced a range of new hot cross buns. Photo: Getty & Coles

The flavour is described as a “saucy sensation”, with the buns filled with diced pickles and topped with cheese. The big selling point for their new offering is how Coles has infused the bun with their burger sauce.

Coles General Manager for Bakery Kate Roff was proud to excite customers with their brand new products.


“Each year we try to tap into new flavour trends to give customers a fun, modern twist on a hot cross bun,” she said in a statement. “It’s important to differentiate and offer customers who prefer savoury options a new and exciting hot cross bun.”

Customers felt strongly about the polarising flavour, with some labelling the new flavour as “disgusting” and “revolting”.

“They were $4 at my local Coles tonight. Couldn’t believe when I saw them. All the flavours they could do and they choose that monstrosity?” another asked.

“Someone owes me a new phone because I just threw up all over it,’ added a shopper.

“We need an extinction event. As a human race, we have gone too far,” a customer chimed in.

However, there were many customers who were excited by the new product.

Coles Special Burger Sauce hot cross buns
The new limited edition flavour has hit shelves. Photo: Coles

“This is like all my foodie dreams have come true!” one gushed.

“Slice the whole thing like loaf bread and do open faced cheese toasties with it…amazing!” another suggested.

“Oh come on people — like you’ve never had a cheesy bun! It’s just a savoury bun like cheese and bacon buns, pizza buns. I’d try it for sure! It’d make a great beef hamburger buns or replicate a Big Mac on [it],” a third pointed out.

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