Sunrise hosts divide viewers with 'childish' Prince Harry skit live on-air

Some fans weren't impressed.

Sunrise hosts Monique Wright and Matt Doran have left viewers divided after they poked fun at Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare during Wednesday morning’s broadcast.

The presenters, who have been occasionally filling in for Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch over the holiday period, read a brief excerpt from the book at the end of the show while classical music played in the background.

Sunrise host Matt Doran reading Prince Harry’s memoir Spare.
Sunrise host Matt Doran read Prince Harry’s memoir Spare out loud during Wednesday morning’s show. Photos: Getty / Penguin Random House

Monique was lying on the couch with her head on newsreader Mylee Hogan’s lap and her feet on Matt Doran’s knee as he read the book out loud.

“‘Soon after we returned to Britain, the Palace announced that Willy was going to marry’,” he said, to which she dramatically responded, “And then what?!”.

“He calls him Willy, interesting!” Matt remarked while sports presenter Mark Beretta said, “Yeah, that’s new!”.


The hosts then promoted the book, which is on sale now, and mentioned that it’s the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time in the UK.

Matt continued reading Spare while Monique said goodbye to viewers, adding: “See you tomorrow everyone, we’ll still be here!”


Monique and Matt have proven to be quite popular while they’ve fronted the breakfast show over the past few weeks, with a number of viewers taking to the video’s comments section to applaud their on-screen rapport.

“Monique and Matt have great chemistry together and you never know what they’ll come up with next which makes them fun to watch,” one person wrote. “We can’t get enough of them.”

“You guys are awesome,” another added. “Enjoyed the laughs, Mon you crack us up."

“Mon and Matt should continue to do the show,” a third replied, while someone else said, “I am going to miss Mon and Matt, you were so much fun”.


Meanwhile, others were clearly not fans of the skit and urged the show to stop mentioning the Duke of Sussex on-air.

“It would be good if you guys can not talk about him so much every morning,” one user commented, followed by another who said, “I agree”.

“Not interested in Harry don’t really care, [I'm] over hearing about him,” a different user shared, with another writing, “I hate this show. So dumb and childish”.

“How childish you lot are, get a life,” someone else agreed. “Give Harry a rest for God's sake, sick of hearing all the bashing of him.”

Prince Harry’s memoir features a number of headline-making bombshells, including claims he begged his father King Charles not to marry his wife Camilla, and that his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton convinced him to wear the infamous Nazi costume in 2005.

One of the most shocking stories to come from the book involves the physical fight between Harry and William, who is referred to as his “arch-nemesis”.

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