Sunrise stars divide with bizarre dance: 'Grow up'

Some fans savaged Monique Wright and Mark Beretta for taking part.

The Sunrise team has taken part in a strange recreation of Shania Twain’s Giddy Up dance video. While some fans were delighted by Monique Wright and Mark Beretta’s moves, others labelled the clip as “stupid” and “cringe”.

The Instagram video begins with Monique whipping her hair in circles while holding onto the Sunrise desk. Mark attempts some side-to-side movements in the background before the pair start making lassoing motions.

Two images of Sunrise stars Monique Wright and Mark Beretta dancing
Sunrise stars Monique Wright and Mark Beretta have sent fans wild with their dance video. Photo: Seven

A whole group of presenters and crew, including Edwina Bartholomew, are then seen nailing the moves to the chorus of the song before delving into cheers and laughter.

Although Monique had bounds of energy, she had trouble following the steps in the second part and looked confused.


“We were inspired today with Shania Twain’s new film clip to ‘Giddy Up’. Mon really nails the pool table scene here. It’s worth checking out,” the caption read.

Sunrise cast and crew dancing in the studio
The group had fun trying to nail the choreography. Photo: Seven

The Sunrise team couldn’t help but make some lighthearted digs at each other in the comments.

“I think you almost lost a weave Mon! Epic,” Edwina quipped.

“I was very much concerned for her neck this morning,” amused social producer Jacinda Gugliemio replied.

“[Monique] almost broke my nose!!!!” Mark added.


Many fans left comments praising Monique’s performance, with one saying it made their day “so much brighter”.

“Mon is the absolute best. We need more of her in the world,” another fan gushed.

“Go Mon, this is the best yet. Keep ‘em coming guys,” added a third.

“Mon I love you, what a crack. I wet myself watching you,” quipped another.

However, not all feedback was positive, with one viewer telling Monique to “grow up”.

“I thought Mon was going to hurt herself,” a concerned fan wrote.

“This is stupid,” commented a third, while another added: “Gets a bit tiring [with] these idiots.”

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