Harry blames William and Kate for 'biggest mistake' of his life

Harry's memoir Spare has been released early in Spain, resulting in countless bombshell claims.

Prince Harry has made several bombshell claims in his new memoir Spare, which was released early in Spain this week, with the Duke revealing he blames Prince William and Kate Middleton for his infamous Nazi costume, which he later described as "one of the biggest mistakes of my life" in his Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

Harry, who was attending the "colonial and native" dress-up party with William and Kate, writes, "I went up and down the rows, sifting through the racks, seeing nothing I liked. With time running out I narrowed my options to two. A British pilot’s uniform. And a sand-coloured Nazi uniform. With a swastika armband. And a flat cap."

Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince Harry has claimed he believes Prince William and Kate Middleton are responsible for the infamous Nazi costume he wore in 2005. Photo: Getty

He continues, "I phoned Willy and Kate, asked what they thought. Nazi uniform, they said. I rented it, plus a silly moustache, and went back to the house. I tried it all on. They both howled."

The Duke recalled that his brother wore "some kind of … feline outfit" to the party, which included a "skintight leotard" and a "springy, bouncy tail". He adds that William and Kate "had a great time pointing our fingers at him and rolling around on the floor".


He claims the Prince and Princess of Wales thought Harry's costume was "worse than Willy's leotard outfit" and "way more ridiculous" but that was "the point [of the costume party".

Royal historian Robert Lacey has previously written about William helping Harry choose the costume in his 2020 book Battle of Brothers.

Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi on The Sun newspaper
Harry spoke of the moment he wore a Nazi uniform to a party in 2005, revealing on his Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan that he was "ashamed" by the move. Photo: Getty
Prince Harry Spare
Harry made the claims in his book Spare, which was released early in Spain this week. Photo: Penguin Random House

"Harry chose his costume in conjunction with his elder brother — the future King William V, then 22, who had laughed all the way back to Highgrove (Charles’ country home) with the younger sibling he was supposed to be mentoring — and then onwards to the party together," the author wrote, adding that Harry felt alienated from his family after the incident and claiming William was the one who would often "coax" Harry into his "errant and self-destructive ways".


"The young prince began re-evaluating his elder brother’s involvement and the unfairness of William’s subsequent emergence smelling of roses."

Lacey adds that it was the first time where the brothers barely spoke, as Harry resented being painted as the "comical fall guy" to his brother's "glittering hero".

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