Sunrise's Natalie Barr accuses Meghan Markle of stealing her look

Sunrise star Natalie Barr has accused Meghan Markle of stealing her look.

On Tuesday, the TV host shared a photo on Instagram showing herself and Meghan wearing the same red top.

Sunrise host Nat Barr and Meghan Markle wearing the same red top with a tie
Sunrise host Nat Barr and Meghan Markle wore the same outfit. Photo: Seven & Getty

“Glad the courier got it to you in Manchester in time for the speech Megs!” she quipped in the caption.

Prince Harry and Meghan were in Manchester for the One Young World summit, with the Duchess giving a speech about gender equality in the outfit.

The Sunrise star styled the top differently, wearing the long red tie down the middle as she hosted the breakfast show.

Meghan opted to have the tie on the side during her speech, giving her outfit a sophisticated look.


Fans flooded Nat’s Instagram post, telling her that she ‘wore it better’.

“Suits you best,” one wrote, with another adding, “Looks better on you!”

“She will be sad when she sees how good it looks on you Nat,” a third commented.

“Lady in red. Nat, you always look stunning,” another gushed.

However, not all the comments were positive, with one telling Nat to ‘pull her claws in’.

Another fan lectured the star, saying the post wasn’t funny.

“Since when can’t two women wear the same outfit without accusing the other of ‘copying’ her? Let me state the obvious: when you wear something, such as clothing, you are not purchasing and privatising your own highway,” the fan remarked.

Nat wasn’t amused by the comment and fired back with a simple answer: “Um. It’s a joke.”

Meghan and Harry smiling as they sit at a conference in Manchester
Meghan and Harry were all smiles as they attended the event. Photo: Getty

Kochie's savage dig at Nat

This comes after David 'Kochie' Koch called Nat a 'diva'.

In a video posted to the breakfast show’s Instagram account, the duo sat next to each other in Brekky Central and played a game of superlatives where they had to point to the person who matched the title mentioned.

The game kicked off with the voiceover asking, ‘Who is more likely to be on time’, with both hosts pointing to themselves.

While they agreed that Kochie has the better memory, Nat was selected for having a tidier desk.

The video ended with a particularly savage question asking, ‘Which one of you is the biggest diva?’.

Kochie was quick to point his finger at his co-host, while Nat simply looked at him with a shocked expression on her face.

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