EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk reveals details for comeback single

Multi-talented star Sophie Monk has revealed her plans to release new music for the first time in 17 years, and fans won’t have to wait much longer.

The pop singer-turned-TV personality told Yahoo Lifestyle that her comeback single and music video will arrive later this year.

Sophie Monk posing.
Sophie Monk says her new jazz single will be released in “a couple of months”. Photo: Getty

Sophie, who rose to fame on the first season of Popstars as a member of the girl group Bardot, says the new song is unlike anything she’s released before.

“It’s a very different sound,” she explains. “I think people love that Bardot sound. This is much more jazzy and just a chill vibe, very different.”

“It’s kind of what I’ve always wanted to do, so I just hope the audience likes it.”

The 41-year-old also shares that the song will be released in “a couple of months” once the music video has been edited.

“We filmed a music video the other day, about two weeks ago I think, so I'm waiting for that to come back,” she discloses.

“I paid for it. I put a bit of money into the music video ‘cos I wanted it to look cool, but it’s that kind of jazzy feel as well, in like a whiskey bar, kind of smokey old school feel.”


Shortly after appearing on The Masked Singer late last year, Sophie posted a jazz-infused song she had recorded on social media.

“I recorded this in a bedroom with Gary Pinto,” she captioned the video.

“The lyrics mean a lot to me. I only care what you guys think. I’m ready for criticism eek.”

Gary Pinto is an ARIA Award-winning artist who is currently working as part of Guy Sebastian, Jimmy Barnes and Tina Arena’s touring bands.

The song, which accentuates Sophie’s raspy voice, features the lyrics: “I’ve seen some things, that would make a grown man cry. So many things, that I have to leave behind. So complicated, but I prefer the simple life.”

Fans were complimentary of the Beauty and the Geek host’s new sound, with some saying it’s even 'better than Bardot’.

Her celebrity friends also chimed in, with A-lister Selma Blair writing: “Love your soulfulness.”

“You know how much I love this song,” Jackie ‘O’ Henderson added. “So glad others can finally hear it.”

“Awesome! My first vision was - I can hear this song playing as the leader title song to a series on Netflix about some kick-ass chick and her life,” Celebrity Apprentice star Michelle Bridges commented.

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