Michelle Bridges on brutal Celebrity Apprentice edit: 'Was a shame'

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As we edge closer to finding out which star is going to win Celebrity Apprentice Australia after the final few episodes, eliminated fitness guru Michelle Bridges has revealed she thinks it's 'a shame' the show has gone so quickly.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, the mum and business owner says she was "taken aback" when she watched the edited episodes, believing things were "sliced really hard".

celebrity apprentice star michelle bridges
Michelle Bridges says watching some of the Celebrity Apprentice edit back made her 'sad'. Photo: Channel Nine

"I get it, because what the viewer gets is you sit down and you can watch one episode and you get the beginning, the middle, and the end. If you don't get to watch it tomorrow night, because you've got to do something, it doesn't matter," Michelle tells us.

"But then I thought wow that's going to mean everyone's getting a cut, every single night, that's going to mean the show goes pretty quickly.


"So yeah, the edit I thought was a shame because all the work that went into it, the hours that went into it, and each episode was just so fast. I think there were some episodes where you didn't even see some people talk, you know, they didn't even get an interview, you didn't even hear them say anything.

"So I felt a bit sad about that, but I get it, the reason is that the viewer gets the whole package. I just hope that the viewers don't feel like it was too fast for you keep up."

michelle bridges and team momentum on celebrity apprentice
Michelle thought some episodes were 'sliced really hard'. Photo: Channel Nine

In particular, Michelle said it was a shame viewers didn't see more about the charity she had chosen to represent on the show. Especially after Team Momentum won the Boost Juice challenge, and Michelle was able to hand over $20,000 to Women's Community Shelters, to help women and children facing domestic or family violence and homelessness.

"I watched the night that I was eliminated or fired and the following night I was wondering whether they would show the footage of where we go out to the Women's Community Shelters that I've won the money for and present them a cheque," Michelle says.

"It was so beautiful. They burst into tears, and that's the whole reason why we're there, but [the show] didn't have that. And that was taken out."

WATCH: Michelle Bridges dishes on Celebrity Apprentice

Another reason Michelle thought more might make the cut in the end was because of the hours and hours of work that went into filming the show.

Though she says she loved her time on the show, the trainer admits it was "extremely full on".

"The hours were incredible," she tells us. "And I had to kind of do a whole military operation. About three months before the show started filming, I had to get my life organised as a single parent, living an hour and a half away from Sydney, no family around, my child's school to sort and wanting his life to stay absolutely normal.

"So there was a whole operation that went on there to get that happening. And then I was in Sydney, I had an apartment in Sydney, it was back and forth, and the hours were enormous. Like there were mornings where we were getting in the [makeup] chair by 5:30am and we would maybe get to go home at 10:30 or 11 o'clock at night."

Despite the long hours she said there was a real sense of family on the set.

"It was just a 'we're all in it together' kind of feeling and a lot of the crew that worked on the show I worked with for nearly 10 years on The Biggest Loser, some of them, so I felt like I was really with family as well," she says.

"I really enjoyed doing another TV gig and I really enjoyed the process, there's so much that goes on behind the scenes."

stars on celebrity apprentice
Michelle loved being part of another TV show. Photo: Channel Nine

'Burning': How Michelle really felt about getting fired

Michelle's time on the show came to an end after The Veronicas, Lisa and Jess Origliasso, as Project Managers for Team Momentum, decided to keep Scherri-Lee Biggs and Michelle in the Boardroom with them at the end of the junk yard challenge in Episode six.

The move saw David Genat and Ross Noble get off - though David eventually had to say goodbye in the next episode - with Michelle and The Veronicas getting fired by Lord Sugar.

"When I was fired I have to say I was so salty about it, like I was burning," Michelle, who is now gearing up for the next round of her famous 12WBT challenge starting July 5, recalls.

"I felt like I was one of the few people that really were a voice of reason and trying to reign in all of these massive creative personalities, which you need to have in order to get through a creative process, but I felt like I was always in the middle trying to keep it all together.

"And so when I got fired that night I really, I honestly was so p***ed!"

celebrity apprentice michelle bridges
Michelle says she was "pissed" after getting fired. Photo: Channel Nine
celebrity apprentice Lord Sugar fires Michelle
Lord Sugar fires Michelle. Photo: Channel Nine

The 50-year-old says she definitely thinks she was 'thrown under the bus' - pointing to David Genat's knack for building relationships during the challenges.

"I realised I'm one of these people that pulls my sleeves up to get the job done. Don't worry about the boardroom, just get in and do it," she tells us.

"I'm very much about inclusiveness and supporting people and bringing them together, I built my career on that, which is great in the challenges and tasks, but probably not so good when it comes to the boardroom.

"There's a lot to be said for building relationships with people. And, you know, sort of getting really close and friendly with people because it can be quite handy come boardroom time, which is kind of how I feel, that David got to exit stage left in the boardroom and me and Scherri-Lee we ended up staying there and I don't think really either one of us should have been there."

michelle bridges Scherri-Lee the veronicas on celebrity apprentice
Michelle says neither she nor Scherri-Lee should have been kept in the boardroom. Photo: Channel Nine

Michelle Bridges' subtle swipe at Martha

The personal trainer also revealed although she didn't work directly with former Married at First Sight star Martha, she thought her personality "could rub people the wrong way".

"I think she knows how to give the one liners. And I think she enjoys being sassy and a little bit controversial, which is great for television, but if you really want to talk about real life business, it could rub people the wrong way," Michelle told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I've been around a long time you know, I've been doing this kind of thing for a really long time...," she added. "...So in my world I am the real deal and I think people know that. That's what's given me a sense of being able to still be doing this 25 plus years later.... Come out too hot and too fast, and your flame might go out quick."

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