Sonia Kruger shares honest opinions on The Voice’s 2021 coaches

She’s the host with the most, and now The Voice’s Sonia Kruger has dished her honest thoughts on this year’s coaches.

In an interview with The West Live, the TV presenter gushed about Rita Ora, Jessica Mauboy, Keith Urban and Guy Sebastian.

Sonia Kruger with The Voice coaches.
Sonia has praised this year’s coaches. Photo: Instagram/soniakruger

“We reserve ‘superstar’ for the coaches because I think they are, without a doubt this year, such an incredible lineup really,” she said. “The coaching panel have really brought it.”


Sonia was clearly infatuated with UK pop star Rita Ora, calling her “gorgeous” and saying she “can’t get enough of her”.

“Could she be any more stunning?” she remarked.

“She’s talented, she’s intelligent, she is divine to look at. There were times on stage where I found myself just weirdly kind of staring at her in a slightly stalker-ish manner.”

Rita Ora on The Voice.
Sonia called Rita Ora “talented”, “intelligent” and “divine to look at”. Photo: Instagram/ritaora

The 55-year-old also praised Guy Sebastian for being “a triple threat” and “such a fun person to work with”, while she labelled Keith Urban as one of her “most favourite human beings on the planet”.

“I remember standing on stage and I had some line I needed to deliver and I buggered it up, and Keith was so sweet. He just looked at me and said, ‘you’ve got this Sonia’,” she detailed.

“Keith is just so supportive. I just have a huge amount of respect for him.”

Rounding up the quartet this year is Jessica Mauboy, who Sonia believes is “a real sweetheart”.

“Not only is Jess talented, but she has got to be one of the most-loved people in the country,” she exclaimed. “To me, she’s a ray of sunshine”.

Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian.
Guy said there was “never one argument” between the coaches this year. Photo: Instagram/guysebastian

Sonia’s comments about the coaches bringing the “heart and soul” back to the competition series very much echo Guy’s recent sentiments to Yahoo Lifestyle.

The Believer hitmaker explained why the dynamic between the four superstars is what has helped make season ten such a huge success in the ratings.

“We just genuinely really like each other and really respect each other and just couldn't wait to hang out. It was really nice, there was never one argument,” he said.

“Could you imagine right now if we released a show where there are four egotistical people, myself included, having ego trips and just canning each other? It would just be so tone-deaf for what everyone's going through right now.

“It's not what people need, it's not what the industry needs. We didn't want to make it about us, we wanted to make it about the artists.”

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